Your Views: It’s agreed—we must wait and see on Ryan

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Friday, December 20, 2013

I agree with Jerry Hanson’s letter to the editor dated Dec. 18. Rep. Paul Ryan has taken the lead and seems to be acting for the people (i.e. work to compromise), but we have to wait and see.

I would suspect there have been many a nightly discussions with John Boehner on how to make it work. The voters and, more vocally, the business community will not tolerate this will-not-do attitude of the few who want government to shut down. I wonder how much work Rep. Ryan did to get the tax incremental financing funding needed to assist Amazon in coming to southeastern Wisconsin; I would expect very little.

Money is still the momentum going forward, and we will have to be aware of who is helping the most. That is the way that our representative will be leaning, regardless of whether he is the “golden boy” for the GOP or whether that person is our current governor.



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