Your Views: Defend Christmas spirit lest guiding light goes out

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas! A time of hope and redemption. Amongst all our conflicts, defeats and sorrows, there’s still a yearning to connect with others and a seeking after our creator, our God. Why, then, do some actively seek to reject and ban this yearning and spiritual renewal? Christmas songs are stricken from our schools and the beloved Christmas tree banished from the public square.

“Congress shall make no law … prohibiting the free exercise” of religion. These endearing words of our U.S. Constitution represent one of three foundational supports for our country, our society, our families; the Christian religion. Now under attack is our Christian faith that our founding generation lived by: Washington, Adams, Franklin Roosevelt and so many others.

Now we have the infamous and insidious “separation of church and state” concept that has deceived and misinformed so many. The phrase is not in the U.S. Constitution; check with a communist nation. Does America want a godless nation? I pray not! However, the ACLU and atheists continue to attack and eat away at our religious freedom and the faith of our Founding Fathers. The U.S .Constitution specifically prohibits Congress from establishing a (national) religion but certainly not the expression of religion.

It’s time to recognize the brink of disaster we are moving toward in our rejection and banishment of our heritage of faith. The guiding light is going out and will, unless we have the courage to stand and defend the Christmas spirit in our society and institutions.



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