Sound Off for Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2013

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

On charter school: Regarding Page 1A last Wednesday, I have often disagreed with school board member Kevin Murray, but recently I have a newfound respect for him because I believe he is starting to think critically and truly question what seem to be misguided, poor ideas that are not thought through. Bravo, Kevin.

On foreign students: Chinese people want to establish roots into the United States. Wealthy Chinese have been known to send near-term pregnant women on U.S. tours for this purpose. The school board must establish a policy on foreign student pregnancy; the students should not arrive pregnant. If they’re found to be pregnant, they will be sent home immediately.

On interchange idea: In reference to this Watson deal, The Gazette should also print the stuff on the other development along Kennedy Road and Manogue Road just north of the town of Harmony and just northeast of the town of Janesville. This is going to affect everybody that has a house in the country.

On shoveling sidewalks: I agree with the city about people who don’t shovel their sidewalks, but in turn the city should take heed and do their sidewalks, too.

-- I can’t believe how many sidewalks I see left unshoveled. Come on, people. Every time it snows even a cat tracker, you need to go out and clean your sidewalk off before it turns icy and dangerous.

-- The editorial on 4A Friday suggests “Homeowners, grab your shovels.” It says if they don’t shovel, the city could come and shovel for so much money. You go out and look around and see all the sidewalks that aren’t shoveled by the city that the city owns. This writer ought to be ashamed of himself.

On War on Christmas: Regarding the Opinion page column Friday, I agree there is a War on Christmas. As a Christian, I realize that people who are against Christ only want the money. They want you to buy their products, and they don’t want you to celebrate anything else so that makes my life easier—I don’t have to celebrate anything and buy any presents.

On council president: I agree wholeheartedly with Sunday’s Sound Off caller who was embarrassed with the actions of Kathy Voskuil regarding Jay Winzenz and our newly appointed city manager at the last council meeting. Voskuil’s priorities were inappropriate and disrespectful.

On sidewalk installations: I’d like to thank the city council and the sidewalk fanatic, former council member George Brunner, for the gift of a letter about installing sidewalks on my property, which has existed 30-some years without them. It will be a sidewalk to nowhere because the city owns property beyond mine and won’t be installing sidewalks there.

On Packer game: I just got done watching the Packer-Dallas game. Instead of calling them the Dallas Cowboys, I think they ought to call them the Dallas Crybabies. Their leader, Tony Romo, and Dez Bryant are the two biggest babies on the team.

On president: By the end of his second term, Barack Obama will have done more to demonstrate the failure of big government than any conservative in history, including Ronald Reagan. Sadly, the socialists who push big government policies never learn; they simply make excuses why it didn’t work and continue to push the same failed policies.

On proposed Blackhawk Tech referendum: I received a survey, and it did not say that the referendum is an open-ended thing. The article on Dec. 12 says that you’re giving them an open checkbook if you approve this referendum. I don’t think that’s right; nobody should have an open checkbook.

On GM series: I don’t know why people complain about The Gazette; I love it. I really enjoyed the articles about the possibility of putting the new fairgrounds at the old GM factory. That would be a great asset to the city. Thanks again for the wonderful Gazette.

-- Kudos to The Gazette; wonderful pictures and stories on the vacant GM plant and surrounding area. Much appreciated.

On Mary Barra: Let’s make Valentine’s Day a celebration of the new woman CEO of GM.

On teen tossed off bus: Regarding Page 1A Saturday, the only legitimate lawsuit here is from the bus driver for a frivolous accusation brought by the family of this teenager, their attorney and defamation of character by the city manager.

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