Sound Off for Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

On church: I became so angry after reading Sunday’s Page 1A story about the Kettle Moraine Baptist Church and the minister who allowed the sex offender to be alone with children. That minister should be removed from the position of authority in the church because he clearly does not realize the effects these actions can have on a child’s entire life.

On carriers: Last Wednesday a Sound Off caller complained about a late paper and suggested carriers may not get Christmas gifts because of it. It is very rare for the paper to run that late. A machine broke at the plant. Try remembering the rest of the year when the paper was not late. Carriers have nothing to do with the inside of the plant.

On Obama: The president is pivoting now to income and equality. I’m sure you’ve heard hundreds of times that Republicans only help the rich. Well, then why is it that after Democratic control for two years and a majority for three more the gap between rich and poor is growing faster than probably at any time in history?

On unions: I like how you put a tiny article on Page 8B Dec. 4 about how in Illinois both houses are Democrat and the governor is Democrat and they’re going to slash the union’s pensions and benefits. Where are all the unions? How come they’re not down there marching on Springfield trashing their capitol like they did ours?

-- I’m commenting regarding the article on the front page Dec. 5 regarding the union recertification vote pertaining to Gov. Walker’s Act 10. If any eligible voter does not vote, it is counted as a no vote under Act 10. We should have used that principle when we voted for governor. Neither Walker nor Tom Barrett would be governor because of the low turnout.

On George Brunner:  Regarding Page 10A Thursday, I’m sorry to read that he is planning to run for city council again. Hang on to your checkbooks, folks; he’s another big spender.

On education: A new report shows American students are behind most of the world and falling further behind. There’s about six hours of actual study in a day for eight months of the year, and American schools spend about half of that time indoctrinating left-wing ideology. Other countries don’t have time for that nonsense; they’re teaching what needs to be learned.

On Bill Watson: Regarding Friday’s headline, “Landowner would pay for interchange,” Watson has been around a long time. I encourage officials involved in this plan to check Gazette archives. He was trying to sell a lot of things in the town of La Prairie. When there’s money waved, some landowners forget their brains.

On wind farms: So the Obama administration is going to allow the wind industry to kill eagles with impunity and even help them hide the number (Page 7B Saturday). If you want your kid to get rich, have him start a company in 20 years tearing down windmills.

On Blackhawk Tech: It wants $4 million. I just sold my house and moved out of state, and I’m so glad I got out of Janesville because every time you turn around Blackhawk Technical College has its hand out for more money. They say they are producing jobs. Has anyone ever done a survey as to how many people actually get jobs after going to Blackhawk and leaving?

 On Congress: Does the Sound Off caller in Sunday’s Gazette realize that Congress is composed of two houses—the Senate, which is Democratic controlled; and the House, which is Republican controlled? The House is trying to get our debt under control, but the Senate is the obstructionist at every turn. Please retake your civic class.

On Jay Winzenz: He has done a great job, and I’d just like to congratulate him. I feel very badly that he was passed over for city manager.

On spying: When I was growing up in the ’50s, the word Kremlin stirred images of an evil government that spied on its people. Today, the term White House gives me the same feeling.

On pets for seniors: I had a friend from Illinois as a guest, and she told me senior citizens get free food for their dogs and cats so they can keep them. Because dogs and cats are so important for lonely seniors, it would be good to have such a program in our area.

On buying pets: Sunday’s Marketplace told of a couple who bought two cute kittens from a pet store and in the next year incurred big vet bills. The kittens bought from a pet store probably came from the feline version of a puppy mill. Puppy mills exploit their breeding stock; they don’t care about the quality of their animals except as it affects their profit.

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