Web Views for Friday, Dec. 6, 2013

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Friday, December 6, 2013


On international education plans: Hard to believe that Mr. Smiley is still our school district’s chief information officer; sounds like he has a new full-time job with this China project. … In the real world, big, new projects START with budgets. Someone needs to stop this runaway train for a minute and ask, “What is the net cost going to be for our district?”


-- How about some public meetings and input, as to what is going on? We have people in our own communities who can’t get into some of the programs, let’s help them first. … Please inform the taxpayers on the plans BEFORE you proceed.

-- wislady

On Walker’s Medicaid changes: This is good news. Been trying to get on the (Obamacare) website since opening day, and the help line is a joke. Every time you call, they ask for your number so they can call you back if you lose the connection. Only once did I get a call back, and it was when I was at work two weeks later. Obamacare is a joke.

-- truthtelller

-- And yet, only one Democrat cared enough to put politics aside, and voted to make sure the people would have insurance.

-- wislady

-- Some people will keep their insurance, but others will not get insurance until April. Walker is walking back his budget and blaming it on the ACA.

-- garyprimer

On Janesville Jets help groups: The irony in the teaser for the article, “Volunteering became a requirement for the Janesville Jets,” amused me. Required volunteering... “Mother’s choice.” I don’t follow sports, but perhaps required “volunteering” should be adopted by all organized sports.

-- Kevin Goebel

On CAMDEN Playground: Another Janesville attraction that is not maintained and then, “Gee, do we tear it down or fix. and why is it so much to fix?” Why? Because you NEVER seem to maintain things here. It costs less over time if you maintain vs. letting the stuff fall apart and then try to fix it.

-- ms pacman

On pilot study on sitting: I am 87, still bow hunt, go to the YMCA three days a week and still ride my bike. Just keep moving.

-- Oldtimer


To Janice Peterson: I've been mulching my leaves for years. You have to mow at least once a week when the leaves start falling, or they’ll get too thick and choke out the mower’s engine. … They take a while to break down—don’t expect them to disappear when the snow melts—but they settle to the ground, and your lawn doesn’t mind at all.

-- Northman

-- I have mulched leaves for years, and it works well. You just have to keep chopping them until they are fine and they disappear. They chop best when they are dry and brown, but I have chopped green ones with good results. You just have to do more passes.

-- garyprimer

-- Just start at the outer edges of your yard and mow the leaves toward the center. Each time you go around, you re-cut the leaves from the previous pass and essentially mulch the leaves. When finished, just put the mulched leaves around landscaping/flowers for added nutrients. I never understood the concept of raking leaves into the gutters.

-- sleeponit

To Greg Peck: While motorcyclists do crash solely due to rider error, there are way too many bikes being hit by inattentive automobile drivers. And in most cases, after maiming or killing someone, the offending driver walks away with a ticket for failure to yield. … There should be greater repercussions and penalties.

-- Solo_Voce

-- Let them decide. Most likely without a helmet they will die instantly compared to the same injury with a helmet and become a vegetable.

-- Truthtelller

-- Dr. Lori Terryberry-Spohr provided statistics for injuries and costs for those not wearing helmets, but what are the statistics for those involved in accidents that WERE wearing a helmet? Where does the government intervention stop?

-- Puchi

-- I started riding Harleys in 1960 and retired from riding last year. … Of course helmets make it safer to ride motorcycles … but it is my choice not to wear one. … I am not interested in hearing the “we all pay” cry. Why do people buy or manufacture cars that go over 150 mph? and what about the six-time drunken driver, or rodeo people? Who pays when they crash?

-- hdonlybob

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