Your Views: Letter writer is wrong about Congressman Ryan’s desires

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Friday, December 6, 2013

John Macek’s letter in Wednesday’s Gazette portrays Paul Ryan as a tea-party crazy who wants to protect the wealthy while hurting the poor. To the contrary, Ryan is a conservative who works to improve the lives of every American, especially the less fortunate.

Why does the Left only look at how much money we spend, instead of how many people we help? We spend more than $1 trillion on anti-poverty programs now. But it is not working. Democrats’ policies have resulted in more than 46 million Americans living in poverty, the highest in a generation.

Isn’t it time to start spending the money wisely? Conservatives such as Ryan want to give local communities the tools they need to deal with poverty at the human level, instead of the Washington level. Ryan wants to put limits on the federal government; to support free enterprise; and improve people’s lives so communities can thrive.

The record national debt hurts our economy, restricts opportunity and weighs down our communities. Piling more debt on our grandkids by throwing more money on failed programs doesn’t solve the problem. We need to balance the budget, grow our economy, create jobs and strengthen our communities.

Failed Democratic policies have resulted in three times as many people finding part-time work compared to full-time work. The majority of jobs added offer low wages. Democrats are creating a class of permanently unemployed workers.

We are all concerned about the less fortunate, but we need to spend wisely.



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