Junior bowler Garey nets 300 game, 800 series

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Eric Schmoldt
Thursday, December 5, 2013

JANESVILLE--Nick Garey started doing the math after his first two games.

The 18-year-old bowler had posted games of 236 and 265 to open his three-game series during the VFW Eagles junior league at RiversEdge Bowl on Saturday morning.

“I was looking back at my scores, and I had a 501,” Garey said. “I was like, ‘Wow, I could get an 800 series if I got a 299 or a 300. But what are the chances of that happening?’”

Oddsmakers would suggest it was a highly improbable feat, given Garey’s personal high game was 283 and he’d never even been 60 pins within a prestigious 800 series.

Six consecutive strikes into his third game, however, Garey felt like he was on the verge of something special.

“When I got through six strikes I said, ‘This is the day,’” Garey said.

Sure enough, after six more perfect rolls, the Janesville Parker High senior was the proud owner of his first 300 game. And, before that excitement wore off, he was reminded he also got his 800 series.

It’s a feat that Bonnie Jones, a junior bowling coach in Janesville since 1996, said she can’t remember occurring.

“I couldn’t get the smile off my face,” Garey said. “I never thought 300 and 800 would come in the same day. It was just so hectic.

“I want to say the 300 was (the most exciting), because that’s always been my goal since I’ve been bowling. I’ve been bowling since I was 3, and that was my main goal, to one day get a 300.”

Then living in Appleton, Nick’s parents—Angie and Jeffery—got he and his siblings involved in the sport.

“Everyone was in bowling back then,” Nick recalled. “When we moved back to Janesville, my mom and dad decided to keep us in bowling. We stuck with it, and my mom and dad were a huge influence one me. I’ve loved it ever since.”

Garey had a deal with his father that if he bowled a 300 before he turned 18, he’d get $1,000. He missed out by eight months, not that it has quelled the excitement.

Now that he’s accomplished a couple of his personal goals, Garey will try to close out a league title with his teammates over the next couple months.

“My team’s in first place right now, and it’s always been about the team,” he said. “I’m going to keep trying for more 800s and more 300s, but bowling is a crazy sport and you never know.”

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