Sound Off for Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

On sidewalks: Thanks to Brian Fitzgerald, DuWayne Severson and Doug Marklein for helping the people who voted for them to get them on that council. They are doing one nice job. God bless them, and I hope they keep fighting for us older people in this town because we do need the help. So good luck, guys, and take care of yourselves.

-- Bravo to Councilman Fitzgerald’s comments that sidewalks are not one size fits all. Janesville is a beautiful city. Our mature trees, landscaping and pride that property owners show make it so. Many residents are struggling to keep their homes and pay property taxes; they cannot afford a big bill for cement in their yards. Thank you, Councilmen Fitzgerald and Marklein for listening.

On shoveling: Here we go again. We should divide the city into districts. Each district would have its own sidewalk marshal. All houses must have their walks cleared of snow 12 hours after a snowfall. If not, the first offense would be a $20 fine, second offense $200, third a $500 fine and 12 hours of community service—shoveling walks, of course.

On gas stations: The day before Thanksgiving, the price went up 8 cents. The next day, it went down 8 cents. That’s what I call greedy.

On good Samaritan: I would like to thank whoever turned in my cellphone at Kohl’s after I lost it Wednesday, Nov. 27. I think that was a hint that I need to upgrade my phone so I did that on Friday. Thank you again.

On Hobby Lobby: The abortion lobby keeps saying Hobby Lobby wants to deny employees contraceptives. In fact, Hobby Lobby’s insurance willingly covers 16 contraceptives. Hobby Lobby simply doesn’t want to pay for three drugs that cause abortion. Surely, reasonable people can agree Hobby Lobby is on firm moral ground. Buy abortion drugs yourself.

On Packers: On Thanksgiving Day, all those Packers did a good job impersonating turkeys.

-- This is to the Packer fans that liked to run Brett Favre down after he left. At least there is one thing about Favre: He showed up for work on game day.

On shopping sales: Now we need an after-Thanksgiving-before-Christmas sale for all the people who didn’t get the stuff they wanted on Black Friday.

On Badgers: If the Badger football team hopes to have any success in the future, the coaches need to start recruiting defensive backs that know how to tackle and that know how to cover receivers. The performance they put on this week was one of the more pitiful secondary performances I’ve ever seen in any level of sports.

On Gazette: It is 8 a.m. Sunday, and I’m still waiting for my Gazette. I hear of mistakes and complaints about things not being run right and having to be rerun. People have habits; they like to read the paper before they go to church or before a football game. I feel bad for paper carriers who maybe won’t get Christmas gifts because of these glitches. Please get it together.

On credit for sports: The Gazette editorial Dec 1 is shortsighted and panders to interests of academia. For board member Hesselbacher to support a policy change based on her son’s class preferences is self-serving. Phy ed classes offer lifelong values and skills, unlike most short-term, limited-value sport seasons, for example, football, wrestling, basketball and hockey.

On Benghazi: The event was deplorable, and innocent people were killed. But now that CBS has admitted it was the reporting that had been in gross error, I hope we’ll hear from the many people who have called Sound Off to complain that this was Obama’s fault.

On Obamacare: The website is fixed, no more crashing or identify theft to worry about. The White House says so, so it must be true. Before the Affordable Care Act, 30 million Americans didn’t have adequate health care coverage. Now, thanks to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, you get to change places with those people because you no longer can afford it.

On Democrats: We are under control of a president and his party who do not feel bound to or restricted by the Constitution they swore to uphold and defend. Lying with impunity has moved to the top of their political playbook. Liberals will always come back to their basic creed—the end justifies the means.


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