Walworth County Marriages for Nov. 30, 2013

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Walworth County Marriages

— Alex Hinze and Caroline Holzwart, both of East Troy.

— Daniel Marino, Oak Brook, Ill., and Elizabeth Jenkins, Lakewood, Ill.

— Daniel Ranson and Kristi Counts, both of Delavan.

— James Pinkham and Paula Gerdes, both of Linn.

— John Fowler, Chicago, and Allison Wall, West Chicago, Ill.

— Jeffrey Kurkjian and Jacqueline Swift, both of South Elgin, Ill.

— Keith Hrobsky and Kendra Flood, both of Whitewater.

— Loren Raderschadt and Diana Hagen, both of Walworth.

— Laif Lindsay, Sandwich, Ill., and Sabrina Moller, Harvard, Ill.

— Bruce Lindsay Jr. and Amy Ferguson, both of Bloomfield.

— Bradley Koepke Jr. and Jenell Scott, both of Darien.

— Gustavo Colunga and Rebecca Goggin, both of Downers Grove, Ill.

— Eric Wraalstad and Stacy Ropiak, both of Whitewater.

— Timothy Gromacki and Stephanie Hurdis, both of Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.

— Michael O'Brien and Emily Hannen, both of Chicago.

— Jacob Schenk and Angela Banike, both of Delavan.

— Billy Adcock III and Kimberly Zimmerman, both of Bloomfield.

— Daniel Thompson, Sugar Creek, and Debara De Camp, Troy.

— John Brackin, Chicago, and Nicole Drish-O'Hare, Palos Heights, Ill.

— Robert Rowley and Diane Wendorf, both of Whitewater.

— Adrian Ion and Taylor Linhart, both of Chicago.

— Jonathon Kelley and Rachel Jackson, both of Sugar Creek.

— Karl Ostby and Stephanie Mueller, both of Chicago.

— Gregory Schmalfeldt, Lyons, and Margaret McGrath, Burlington.

— Luigi Costabile, Niles, Ill., and Pamela Kaden, Lincolnwood, Ill.

— Terrance Bilinski and Peggy Hvarven, both of Walworth.

— Jeffery Wales, Elkhorn, and Nicole Dessent, Sugar Creek.

— Joshua Duncklee and Adrianne Amber, both of Springfield, Mo.

— Andrew Schwarm and Monica Heth, both of Chicago.

— Brian Wegner and Stephanie Collins, both of Lake Geneva.

— Ian Gronau and Shannon Monaghan, both of Elkhorn.

— Shaun Owens-Agase and Laura Madden, both of Chicago.

— Daniel Duesterbeck, Darien, and Kaelyn Krieter, Delavan.

— Travis La Favor, Elkhorn, and Priya Rangaraj, Rockford, Ill.

— Mark Long and Monica Davenport, both of Spring Grove, Ill.

— Tony Betts and Olivia Scurek, both of Troy.

— Jared Brown and Lisa Lenz, both of Walworth.

— Taylor Stout and Erin Lasday, both of Spring Grove, Ill.

— Trevor McEvoy and Erin Pankau, both of Baltimore.

— Christopher Schmidt and Judit Zsakai, both of East Troy.

— Benjamin St. Louis and Angela Michals, both of Lyons.

— Kevin Hoffman and Emma Esmond, both of Denver.

— Eric Parmelee and Melissa McWade, both of Walworth.

— Samuel Pieper and Sarah Anderson, both of Lake Geneva.

— Mario Sciascia and Jana Spaude, both of Whitewater.

— James Krakofsky Jr. and Sondra Stevens, both of Geneva.

— Daniel Nichols and Julie Krukowski, both of Elkhorn.

— Christopher Bosshart and Sarah Knauer, both of Lehigh Acres, Fla.

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