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Friday, November 29, 2013


On Janesville loan will help United Alloy expand: Great news!


-- It still doesn't address the shipping costs. Wouldn't the smart business plan include a plant close to the buyers?


-- buyusa: So you would rather we lose the plant and the employment it brings to the area?


On sidewalks in Janesville: The members of the council were elected … to make decisions. If they chose to form a committee to make recommendations, that is fine. However, the final decision still rests with the council, and only after giving due consideration to citizen comments at the public hearing. Fortunately, most council members recognized this.


-- I was forced to put in a sidewalk last year, and it destroyed my landscaping and front yard. Why would I want to wish this on anybody else because it happened to me? I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I will vote against any council member who votes “yay” to more sidewalks.


-- Did The Gazette check to see whether or not the council members' homes have sidewalks?

--Kevin Goebel

-- Relevance?


-- Your Honor, it goes to motive for the individual votes cast by council members. Previous city councils have struggled to clean up the mess created by favoritism toward some subdivision builders in the past. … This just continues to show Janesville is a city of favoritism and woe unto ye if you do not have “connections.”

--Kevin Goebel

On bonuses for school employees: “'I believe it takes every employee working together to achieve these kinds of results,' Schulte said in a memo to the board. She underlined and boldfaced the words 'every employee.'” If that is true, then how about equal pay for equal responsibility?


-- Looks like it is equal pay for equal responsibility. Less responsibility, less bonus.


On Whitewater postmaster delivers purple heart: Well done, Sherrie Benes. Mission accomplished!


-- Nice story.


On Janesville teachers who move on: There is much more to this story, and some reasons for this mass exodus were alluded to in this article. I hope The Gazette continues to pursue this topic, though with teachers being prohibited from speaking to the press, I don't know how successful this would be. Janesville once had a first-class school district. I fear that this is no longer true under the current leadership.


-- The same thing happened at the GM plant here. There was a lot of hiring in the '50s, '60s, etc., and many reached retirement at the same time. We had big retirement get-togethers. I think Mr. Parr and (Sen.) Cullen are trying to make something out of nothing. I was able to retire at age 54.


-- Cullen needs to focus on being a positive voice instead of just adding to the negative environment. The exit interview—what does Cullen want to do, give them a lie detector test? Maybe some have personal reasons that are just that…personal.



To Greg Peck: How many laws on the books already are there to protect the “vulnerable users” (of roads)? What happens if this doesn't work, another law increasing the penalties? We need laws, granted, but we need common sense by both the driver and the “vulnerable users.”


-- Isn't it illegal to kill or injure a bicyclist or pedestrian now? Is it the state's opinion that a contemplative offender will refrain from proceeding due to financial constraint?


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