Sound Off for Sunday, Nov. 24, 2013

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

On men’s shelter: There are many things I can’t do outside now because of my shoulder. I called the men’s shelter, and they brought a guy to wash my windows. He did a wonderful job. This week, I called, and they sent a guy who raked my yard. Yes, I paid money because it was worth it; he did a fantastic job. Anybody who needs help, call the shelter. They are great.

On crosswalks: Tuesday as I was in the middle of a crosswalk, a small black pickup blew a stop sign and was coming straight for me. I screamed and held up my hands, but he wasn’t slowing down. I barely got out of the way. This is the third time I’ve almost been hit using crosswalks. Hey Janesville drivers, pay attention.

On Obama: The president skipped the Gettysburg celebration marking 150 years since Lincoln’s speech. He claims to admire Lincoln but can’t even honor him. I suppose if there was a golf course there, he would meet Tiger Woods to play golf.

On Obamacare: Now we find out that $1 trillion of tax money is being handed to insurance companies in order to get them on board. That little fact was kept from people. Now that everything is falling apart, guess who the Democrats are blaming? Well, the insurance companies.

-- If your health insurance policy doesn’t meet minimum government standards, it should be canceled. If you’re allowed to keep it, guess who pays for your serious, not-covered illness? I thought you Republicans were all for personal responsibility.

-- I saw a small-business owner on TV who said his costs were rising about 8 percent every year before the Affordable Care Act. Now, thanks to the hard work and compassion of the Democratic Party, his costs are going up 49 percent this year. That’s why the nine scariest words you’ll ever hear are, “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help.”

On Walker’s book: Gov. Walker’s description of the union bosses couldn’t have been more accurate and all at the taxpayer’s expense.

On misusing entitlements: To the couple who purchased only a frosted cake at $25 and 12 decorated cupcakes for $14.99, $34.99 total with their electronic benefits card, do know how much good food your daughter could have eaten for that money? The directions for baking a cake come on the box, estimated cost $5.99. Tammy Baldwin would even have cringed.

On deer in church: The Gazette missed an opportunity with its headline about the deer crashing into the church basement (Page 1A, Nov. 13). “Where the deer and the antelope worship”? If you’re going to reference the song “Home on the Range,” why wouldn’t you go with “Where the deer and the antelope pray”? Come on.

On Republicans: As a 30-year retiree from a major corporation, I learned you do not go into meetings about a problem without two or three solutions to discuss. Republican legislation on state and national levels is sadly missing problem solving in a gentlemanly manner. They’ve become experts on attacking good people with no solutions of their own.

On roundabouts: I just came off the roundabouts at Interstate 39 by the new hospital, and the intersection is wonderful. It’s very easy to follow. There are arrows on the pavement and signs directing you. There’s not going to be an issue if people just pay attention, stay off phones or stop texting while driving. The guys doing the job in this weather deserve big applause.

On busing: I predicted on this new depot that by the time they get that built they’ll have to have some new buses. Sure enough, it was in the paper (Page 2A, Monday) that the buses are getting old, and we’ll need new ones. They don’t want to park the old buses in the new building. They wouldn’t need that building either if they would have bought smaller buses.

On voter ID: So the state Supreme Court is finally going to hear the voter ID law (Page 2A, Thursday). Amazing. It’s about time they do their job. What would you call a group that believes blacks and other minorities are so ignorant, inept and incompetent that they can’t even manage to get free IDs? The KKK maybe? No, that would be the Democratic Party.

On leaves: It’s time residents of Janesville start bagging their own leaves in biodegradable bags. All I see is leaves raked into gutters, clogging sewer drains and blowing all over and then get rained on and freezing. It’s time residents start taking responsibility for their own leaves. Plus it would save money for the city. I take care of my own leaves.

On Thanksgiving: I thank God for giving us the doctors and dentists with their healing hands, for movie stars who make us laugh and cry and scream and, last but not least, our old time rock ’n’ roll and country music as it used to be. Enjoy family and friends this Thanksgiving. May peace and love be with you always.

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