Your Views: Why didn't Jorgensen sponsor redistricting bill?

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Rep. Andy Jorgensen's recent column in The Gazette (Page 7A, Nov. 20) attacked Republicans for stomping on democracy and for not changing the laws on redistricting. Where was his outrage when he was in office in 2009-10 and Democrats were in total control? He could have sponsored a bill then to change redistricting.

Since being elected to office, Andy has attacked Republicans constantly, except when needing them to pass his own bill. I guess, in that instance, Republicans were not delivering a “double whammy” toward democracy.

Remember the Jorgensen's Journal: “Listening—and Delivering—on Bipartisanship,” where he wrote that the common theme he's heard is “the desire that people still have for lawmakers to work together.” However, in his articles, speeches and Jorgensen's Journals, Andy's common theme is blaming Republicans for everything wrong with the state.

Andy says voters don't want more a divisive, polarized political environment and that “we want and need leaders who answer not only to people who agree with them but also those who don't.” Does he not realize that there are people in his district who don't agree with him and do agree with what the Republicans are doing?

The best politicians say many things but often do something else. Andy says he is bipartisan, but in reality he only attacks Republicans—even when he votes with them.



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