Sound Off for Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

On thanking veterans: I’m an 87-year-old WWII veteran, and after gassing up at the Milton Avenue Kwik Trip when I went to pay, somebody had paid a $57 gas bill for me. I would just like to say my appreciation.

-- The ceremony at Traxler Park is always very emotional. A real bright spot, however, on this rainy morning was the attendance of the fifth-grade class from St. Mary’s School. These young students were handing out self-illustrated “Thank you for serving” cards to veterans. It was a very gratifying experience.

On Parker kitchen: Congratulations to the ladies who run the Parker High School kitchen on their 100 percent rating. Having worked in restaurants in my early years, I know it’s hard to attain that. Great job, and keep up the good work. I hope students appreciate you.

On Thanksgiving shopping: This Thanksgiving, show retailers that Thanksgiving does really mean a lot to families. Stay home; don’t go out into the chaos, enjoy a family day. Those retailer employees do not want to show up for work on Thanksgiving Day for $7.25 an hour. Please take time to enjoy family.

On roundabouts: It behooves everybody who’s going to be using the new roundabouts to look at last Sunday’s paper and study that graphic so they become aware of them. Roundabouts are the greatest thing ever invented. They eliminate stop signs and stoplights. All people have to do is slow down, use their heads and drive right.

-- With the advances in stoplight technology and low traffic on Racine Street by I-90/39, those roundabouts are obsolete already. The $10 million wasted could have been used on bridges and roads in the area that counties or towns can’t keep up.

-- Two callers in Wednesday’s Sound Off complained about how unsafe roundabouts are and that they can’t learn to use them. I’m a senior, too. If you can’t learn to keep up with newer trends in driving and be a safe, responsible driver, perhaps it’s time you give up driving. I’m tired of other seniors saying, “Oh, seniors can’t learn to use them.”

On federal budget: Get ready for more Benghazis because Paul Ryan’s budget calls for more cuts to our embassies, let alone the 2010-2011 cuts by the Republican Congress.

On Act 10: Regarding Tuesday’s front page about the challenge to Gov. Walker’s Act 10 that restricts public-worker unions, Walker should be forced to be recertified annually as long as he thinks unions should be recertified annually.

On Obamacare: If it serves one purpose, it would be to teach Americans the folly of relying on government.

-- No American law has ever been passed in a more sleazy and underhanded way, bribing senators with tax money and exemptions, and passing it in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve on a party-line vote. Now this law may nearly destroy the Democratic Party. They have words for things like this. One is karma, and the other is justice.

-- Democrats are approaching Republicans and asking them to help get them out of the mess they created. Here is what Republicans need to say: We will help you repeal it and save your political careers, otherwise you can lie in the bed you’ve made and maybe next time you will read the bill before you vote for it.

-- Regarding the article on Tammy Baldwin and BadgerCare (Page 5A, Wednesday), how can this be Scott Walker’s fault? Democrats said this was the greatest thing ever. During budget talks, all the Republicans wanted to roll this back for another year, and the Democrats said that’s crazy. It’s just a failed deal.

-- Next year when the Burlington Liars Club has its event, if it wants to draw a good crowd, it should invite President Obama as its main speaker.

On leaf pickup: As usual, our area is losing out on a week of falling leaves. My 6-year-old granddaughter asked why the city doesn’t clean one area first one year and second the next. It’s simple and logical. Is anyone at the city listening to this 6-year-old?

On unions: People love to blame unions for everything. If these bashers would just go back to how it was 50, 60, 70 years ago, they would see employers had no concern about their workers’ lives or limbs, just profits. I know unions are not perfect, but all of you have benefited one way or another and don’t even know it. Educate yourselves.

On city spending: Our city council and administration have been out of control for far too long with foolish spending and outrageous fees. I hope our new city manager puts a stop to this nonsense and proves to taxpayers that common sense still works.

On animal abuse: A person dropped off three kittens in the Royal Oaks area Nov. 12. It’s pretty rotten to do that. If you don’t want them, take them to the vet, the humane society or give them to a farmer. Just don’t drop them off out in the cold.

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