Your Views: Voters must wake up before Wisconsin is sold to highest bidder

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Friday, November 15, 2013

The priorities of the people we have sent to Madison to represent us are indeed very questionable. I find it very difficult to believe that my best interests are first and foremost, based on their actions on some issues and their inactions on others. They seem willing to hold a hearing on “duck racing” but not on a possible change to the process of redistricting.

They also insist that a photo ID must be presented in order to vote to combat what they say is widespread voter fraud. To date, no such fraud has been proven.

Also, they claim there is no need for campaign finance reform unless that change allows more money to be used to bribe legislators and even judges.

What is wrong with these people and those of us who seem content to let democracy be turned into a dictatorship?

Nearly two years ago, close to a million voters signed petitions in an attempt to stop this trend, but evidently too many voters had their hands in their back pockets and refused to recall these greedy politicians.

In a few months, we will be hearing more pleas for support to keep these people in office so they may enact laws and policies to further solidify their grasp on the Legislature.

I have a plea, also. My plea is for my fellow voters to wake up before our beautiful Wisconsin is given away or sold to the highest bidder.



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