Your Views: Prosecutor should cease his political witch hunts

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Milwaukee County Democratic Assistant District Attorney John Chisholm has not given up on his wasteful spending in unwarranted “secret” John Doe investigations of Gov. Walker. His hatred held Walker to standards Chisholm did not hold Democrats to, while he leaked unfounded allegations against Walker leading up to the recall election.

Chisholm's hatred led him to leak misleading information to the eager media in an effort to harm Walker in a “secret” investigation where those under investigations were routinely smeared, yet they were forbidden from defending themselves.

Chisholm's witch hunt yielded six convictions but no findings of wrongdoing by Walker. The whole thing started when Walker asked for an investigation into suspected wrongdoing.

Chisholm has begun this disgusting practice again, and I am sure he will continue this through next year's election.

It is time for the media to stop playing along and to start asking Chisholm what investigations are being conducted involving Democrats. Chisholm hopes his wasteful fishing expeditions find something he can distort and leak to the press.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, whose department is suffering because of Chisholm's hatred, said, “It appears to me that the prosecution out of Milwaukee County is becoming weaponized for political purposes.” Clarke said he hears from prosecutors all the time that they don't have the resources to go after online sexual predators and heroin cases, but Chisholm has time to pursue open-ended political witch hunts.

Chisholm must stop his wasteful, disgusting witch hunts.



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