Sound Off for Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

On fire station: I could not believe Adams School was on the list (Page 1A, Nov. 2). I've had children go there. Between picking up kids and dropping them off, there would be no way if there was an emergency with those narrow streets to get emergency vehicles out. Also, the kids play sports there. There are other city sites than to use school sites.

-- Why does the station on East Milwaukee have to remain the main station? To do so requires more land purchased in an already congested area. Why not just update it and designate one of our newer stations where expansion would be easy and land is available? The main station doesn't need to remain forever in its present location.

-- Janesville is getting to be an embarrassing city to live in, when we have money to build a multimillion-dollar bus barn and sidewalks that people don't want or need but we cannot afford a new fire hall. Embarrassing, Janesville.

On school bonuses: Public education employees do not deserve bonuses for properly doing the job they were hired and are very well paid to do. Parents of these students are just as responsible for the high test scores as the teachers are. What about the students themselves? They earned the scores that made teachers look so good. Don't they deserve most credit?

On death investigators: I would like to thank Jenifer Keach, the coroner who is resigning and going into nursing. She is a wonderful coroner. The public forgets what she, sheriff's investigators and others go through with cases such as this one last week on Highway 14. We cannot imagine what those poor people have to see and deal with.

On president: I believe Obama should resign because of all the lies he's telling the people. If he doesn't resign, Congress should impeach him.

-- Callers in Sound Off are forever bashing the president. What cold, hateful hearts the Obama bashers have. Never has a president been so disrespected. How can they be happy? At least this president is trying. Has your party ever helped all of “we the people”? How? No preexisting problems for insurance companies to break us is a plus for all.

On firefighters: I would like to give a thumbs up to Janesville firefighters for their warm coat distribution to the children. What a wonderful thing.

-- I disagree with last Sunday's Sound Off caller who said firefighters are the bravest people in our city. Not to take away from firefighters, but almost without exception, it's the police officer who is the first responder to emergencies in our city.

On voter ID: Democrats try to claim it's racist to ask for an ID to vote, but it's apparently not racist to ask for an ID to buy a gun. What's really racist is believing black people and other minorities are too stupid, lazy or incompetent to get an ID. The argument of Democrats is so pathetic they should be laughed off the political stage and out of the courtroom.

-- Wisconsin's voter ID law is going before a federal judge who is one of the furthest left judges on the federal bench. The odds of it being found unconstitutional are 99.99 percent. However, when judges who aren't political hacks look at this law, it will easily be found constitutional.

On Republicans: Congratulations to Republicans and Walker supporters. You sold our state to the highest bidder. I hope you can breathe and eat money.

On Packers: I blame Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson for Aaron Rodgers' injury. Those two are too cheap to get the offensive linemen to protect their million-dollar quarterback.

On Lions Beach: If our city council has so much money to pay for kiddie pools and toys at Palmer and Riverside parks, why don't they clean up Lions Beach and at least turn on the water so children and adults can have a drink while they are there? They love the place, and it's very healthy and enjoyable for them.

On Obamacare: I've been a Democrat all my life, but now I've got to go out and buy my insurance because mine didn't meet Obamacare's standards. I don't believe I need services like a gynecologist and mammograms and birth control pills. I don't think that's affordable.

-- The rollout is a perfect example of why government is so ineffective. No one is ever held accountable. If Kathleen Sebelius was working for a private firm, she would have been replaced. If the president was CEO of a private corporation, he would have been indicted for fraud by now.

-- You are aware that it took over a year to stabilize Medicare? Patience, my friends. Now it seems that Republicans in Congress who have health care supported by taxpayers are strongly against helping 33 million Americans who have no health plan. They have no solutions either, except “no.” That's why they're known as the party of greed and insensitivity.

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