Your Views: UW Hospital workers shouldn’t be tied to Act 10

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

UW Hospital and Clinics provide high-quality care that has earned them a well-deserved recognition for excellence. But the hasty decision by politicians to include UWHC in Act 10 puts all of this at risk. UWHC employees are not state employees. The organization gets no financial assistance from the state of Wisconsin.

Unions have played a key role in preventing the use of forced overtime, which endangers patient safety. I believe quality will suffer if UWHC employees are allowed to lose their union rights. UWHC's reputation for quality and its position in the marketplace could also suffer if UWHC becomes a non-union workplace where employees have no civil-service protection and fewer rights than Wal-Mart workers.

I want the unions to help make sure that front-line workers are able to speak freely and openly about concerns they have about workplace conditions and policies. Union employees are more likely to speak up when issues of quality arise. UWHC should continue to recognize our unions as the voice of the employees.



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