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Friday, November 1, 2013


On editorial backing teacher bonuses: Have nothing against rewards for teachers, but first let's reward people by giving pink slips to the bad teachers. Second, hire good teachers. Then set standards that are obtainable but do require teachers to be challenged.


-- “These circumstances include uncertainties over pay, benefits and working conditions.” Those are the same conditions that everyone in the work force is facing. Rewarding for the score, why not wait until they “significantly exceed”? 74.8 is not a score to be extremely proud of, compared to some other schools. Why reward for a score below 80?


-- Why not use the savings for property tax relief? If we have to go through the grief of enacting Act 10 cuts with our employees, what is the sense of turning around and giving it back to them?


-- This is not meant as an anti-union comment. But when you have a union, rewarding exceptional employees just doesn't happen, by their contract, forcing the bonus issue, which is wrong.


On Indian nicknames editorial: If even one person finds these stereotypes offensive, they should be eliminated.


-- How soon would it be before someone (a single person, mind you) found the name Wisconsin demeaning (or Illinois or Ohio or Mississippi...)?


-- The legislation that Gov. Doyle signed in 2010 was going backward. Rep. Nass is attempting to correct the error. Just how can you champion a law that gives any bloke on the street a power equal to the majority? It is political correctness run amok.

—Nick Danger

On job growth of Janesville company: Another positive for Janesville. Congrats, Data Dimensions!


-- I wouldn't call a company good that takes advantage of workers. … I say pay the workers livable wages and benefits and then they might be worth bragging about.


-- Gliver18, does Data Dimensions kidnap people in the middle of the night and force them to work there?

—Joe From Wisconsin

-- Gliver18, maybe you would be happier if you lived in Cuba, Venezuela or Russia. Congratulations to Data Dimensions on their continued growth.


On Walker's new book: I can't wait to read the chapter about his understanding of ethics; maybe it will include the tactics he used to try and win his election for student body president in college. Certainly, though, Chapter One will be about how to mislead gullible people.


-- I prefer to read a book myself instead of relying on someone else's interpretation. Perhaps (Marty) Beil and (Sen.) Cullen can get together and write their own book, with what they perceive to be facts.


-- “That is frankly just a lie. He has no proof and no witnesses (of that),” said Rich Abelson, who was executive director of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees District Council 48. Doesn't that work both ways?


-- I have contended, and still contend, that if Sen. Cullen had the courage of his convictions, he would have come back from Rockford on his own.

—Nick Danger


To John Eyster: The U.N. had some relevance in its early days, when member nations could be counted on to act with responsibility, maturity and common sense. … No more. You now have a thoroughly corrupt club of thugs, where members with lofty ideals are shoved aside by little tin dictators. … The U.N. has no value and has outlived its usefulness.


To Greg Peck: My wife and I rearranged our errands on Saturday so we could attend the 5 p.m. Mass at St John Vianney and welcome Father Donn back. We agree with you, it is so very “cool” to have Father Donn at SJV again.

—Michael Bubrick

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