Your Views: Don’t let spy agency trample on our rights

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Monday, October 28, 2013

I was reading The Gazette and saw the article “German Chancellor complains of U.S. spying” (Page 5B, Thursday). Why should she be surprised that the National Security Agency is spying on our allies? At least the NSA is stupid enough to get caught at it.

Once again I ask, “Why should she be surprised that the NSA is spying on our allies?” After all, the NSA tramples on the U.S. Constitution and illegally spies on our citizens. With no legal right! So we should not be surprised at what it does to our allies.

Once upon a time, a better time, when we would not put up with crooks, a president (Nixon) was brought down for far less than this.

But we comfort ourselves, remember 9/11 and let the spooks do whatever they want. The German people once had the same attitude. They remembered their loss in World War I and let Adolf Hitler do whatever he wanted. It worked out real well for them and the rest of the world. Is it time we forget the U.S. Constitution? Don’t think so!



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