Public hearing on new sidewalks set

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Marcia Nelesen
Sunday, October 27, 2013

JANESVILLE--A total of 274 Janesville property owners in the northern half of the city have been ordered to install sidewalk in 2014.

A public hearing is scheduled Monday.

The proposed 2014 sidewalk program would build five miles of sidewalk and represents the fourth year of a highly controversial push by the council to create safe passage for pedestrians.

Abutting property owners are charged for the sidewalks, which is a reason many  people do not want them.

A seven-year sidewalk plan was approved by the council in 2008. Implementation did not begin until 2011.

During those three years, the council changed and gained some members who are less supportive of sidewalks.

In 2012, a committee of residents formed to protest their ordered sidewalks. The council created a sidewalk committee to scrutinize the seven-year plan.

The sidewalks that remain on the plan —committee members recommended against about half of those originally slated—have received unanimous approval by committee members.

The plan will end in 2015 when 4.7 miles are scheduled to be built.

The council will also consider whether to allow deferrals so residents can delay installing their sidewalks.

Property owners in 2011 and 2012 were not given that option.

In 2013, residents living along local and collector streets could delay installing their sidewalks. Property owners on busier arterial streets could not apply for deferments.

A sidewalk is deferred until:

--The property owner sells his or her home.

--Five years have passed and the sidewalk abuts a collector street.

--10 years have passed and the sidewalk abuts a local street.

--Eighty percent of the street has sidewalk installed on the side of the street within the specified block.

Jay Winzenz, acting city manager, recommends that any deferments must be applied for by Jan. 31 The property owner must pay for the costs of recording the deferral, which is $30 charged by the Rock County Register of Deeds.

Winzenz also recommends that deferments not apply to condominium associations with more than two dwelling units on a common property.

In 2011 through 2013, about 16 miles of sidewalk have been built, affecting about 610 property owners.


The Janesville City Council on Monday will consider ordering residents to install the following sidewalks:

--Both sides of Benton Avenue from Thomas Street to Eisenhower Avenue.

--South side of Black Bridge Road from Woodman Road to Mayfair Drive.

--Both sides of Blaine Avenue from Sutherland Avenue to Eisenhower Avenue.

--Public walkway along the greenbelt from LaMancha Drive to Canyon Drive.

--West side of Centerway from Franklin Street to West Court Street.

--North side of Conway Drive from North Grant Street to Church Street.

--North side of Dartmouth Drive from Willard Avenue to Crosby Avenue.

--South and west sides of Dartmouth Drive from Crosby Avenue to Waveland Road.

--South side of East Memorial Drive from Richards Court to North Harmony Drive.

--South side of Eastwood Avenue from Fremont Street to South Randall Avenue.

--West side of Fredrick Street from Hamilton Avenue to Mole Avenue.

--West side of Harding Street from Benton Avenue to Sherman Avenue.

--South side of Harvard Drive from North Willard Avenue to North Crosby Avenue.

--North side of Highland Drive from North Grant Avenue to North Marion Avenue.

--South side of Huntington Avenue from Avery Lane to Galaxy Drive.

--Both sides of Hyatt Street from Thomas Street to Harding Street.

--South side of Johnson Street from Park Avenue to High Street.

--Public walkway along the greenbelt from LaMancha Drive to Canyon Drive.

--Both sides of Linden Avenue from North Grant Avenue to Church Street.

--South side of Lombard Avenue from South Lexington Drive to South Huron Drive.

--West side of Lowell Street from Newman Street to Woodman Road.

--West side of the Milton Avenue frontage road from Fulton Street to Kettering Street.

--South side of Mount Zion Avenue from North Pontiac Drive to the Interstate.

--Both sides of Myra Avenue from North Oakhill Avenue to Moreland Drive.

--West side of North Crosby Avenue from Harvard Drive to Dartmouth Drive.

--West side of North Lexington Drive from Holiday Drive to Refset Drive.

--East side of North Marion Avenue from Highland Avenue to West Memorial Drive.

--East side of North Willard Avenue from Elizabeth Street to Dartmouth Drive.

--East side of South Sumac Drive from Lombard Avenue to Kenwood Avenue.

--East side of Sunset Drive from Dartmouth Drive to Mineral Point Avenue.

--East side of Sutherland Avenue from Glen Street to Benton Avenue.

--East side of Thomas Street from Walker Street to Hyatt Street.

--South side of West Memorial Drive from North Oakhill Avenue to North Marion Avenue.

--East side of West Rotamer Road from West Rotamer Court to O'Hara Drive.

--North side of Walker Street from Sutherland Avenue to Harding Street.

--Both sides of Williams Street from East Memorial Drive to Hyatt Street.

--West side of Woodman Road from Black Bridge Road to Matheson Street.




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