Sound Off for Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

On city spending: Regarding increasing the wheel tax, this is getting ridiculous (Page 1A, Wednesday). This city is taxing us to death. Find other ways to cut the budget. Councilmen do not have to go to seminars. If they want to go, let them pay on their own. We seniors cannot afford another tax. We are on fixed incomes.

-- We have politicians in Washington that can’t run our government without shutting it down, and now we have politicians in Janesville that can’t fix our streets without raising taxes.

-- I agree with Councilman Douglas Marklein and Public Works Director Carl Weber’s suggestion to spend some money to fix the roads, but don’t do it through raising the wheel tax. Do it by cutting unnecessary expenses of which there are many.

-- The council is going to tax people out of Janesville, and there will be no one left to pay these fee increases. We just had an increase in the garbage fee, now an increase in the wheel tax fee. What other fees are going to impact us and tax us out of our homes?

-- The city subsidizes 75 swimmers at $337 a swimmer. That equals $25,275 of the city taxpayers’ money for 75 citizens. That needs to stop.

On economy: Being an old woman living alone and on Social Security, I didn’t trust government much before, but now I absolutely do not trust it. I never know when I’ll get my check and if I can pay my bills. I am not going to send Christmas presents and may not send cards; stamps cost too much.

On Quotes bar: Regarding the Oct. 16 story, “Quotes put on notice,” it’s about time. It’s wonderful that Deputy Chief Davis and Chief Moore are clamping down because our tax dollars are paying every time this bar doesn’t follow the rules. The fact they’ve had people in that bar after hours should tell you they don’t respect the law and should be shut down.

On Walker tax cut: Democrats are ridiculing Scott Walker’s property tax cut because it’s only $33 for an average house. Well, it is a small amount, but when you add it to the hundreds of tax increases you would have gotten if Democrats were in control, then it’s a substantial amount.

-- Do we really have a Democratic representative, Deb Kolste, telling us how to cut property taxes (Page 6A, Oct. 23)? Seriously, is this supposed to be a joke? Maybe if Democrats would have tried cutting property taxes once when they were in power, Republicans wouldn’t control everything in Wisconsin.

On Act 10: Page 2A Tuesday doesn’t say why or how Dane County Judge Juan Colas concluded Act 10 is unconstitutional because there is no reasonable thought behind it. He doesn’t like the law, so he claims it’s unconstitutional. If the Legislature granted collective bargaining rights to public-employee unions, the Legislature can take away said rights.

On education: Janesville, this is how you attract and retain quality teachers: Let teachers grade students by the grades they earn. Homework is required. Our best effort is expected the first time. Disrespect and defiance are not tolerated. The principal is present and works to reinforce expectations, and you are responsible and accountable for your children.

-- Regarding Page 5C Oct. 20, “Adherence to high expectations brings out best in kids,” finally, an article on what works best. Many of us remember teachers who influenced our best work by requiring we do better and are thankful for them. It’s too bad we’ve gone to the touchy feely way of teaching; children deserve to learn how to cope in the real world.

On artist: The Oct. 14 Gazette had a beautiful article on Allegrea Rosenberg and her artwork. I would like to congratulate her and tell her that many people were thrilled with this article and want her to keep up the good work.

On football injuries: This is in response to Wednesday’s Sound Off caller who said we should stop playing football because many people are getting hurt. You’re right. We should also stop rock climbing, skydiving, downhill skiing and auto racing, as well as a lot of other things. It’s too dangerous to be alive. We should all sit inside, sip our lattes and stroke our smart phones.

-- That caller must be from Minnesota.

On wolf hunt: Our state’s DNR has become a political joke. Instead of protecting natural resources, it protects them long enough for a species to become a novelty hunt in the name of “species management.” It wouldn’t even schedule a hearing on the use of dogs in wolf hunts, which is outrageous. The key figure in this is Sen. Kedzie, who should be voted out of office.

On new city fire station: Acreage on Benton Avenue in the area of the landfill has been for sale for quite some time That should be one site considered. Otherwise the city should look in an area where it can clean up blight.

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