Sound Off for Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On death of kitten: On Thursday, Oct. 17, at about 3:20 p.m. on Center Avenue just north of Kellogg Avenue, a woman in a red SUV threw a white and gray kitten out of her window and ran over it. The kitten was later euthanized due to its injuries. If anyone has information on who this woman is, please contact Janesville police at 608-755-3100.

On columnist Pitts: Regarding Leonard Pitts’ article on Dr. Ben Carson on Oct. 17, Pitts always has to equate every African-American man’s opinion he doesn’t agree with to past history. Carson is commenting on a current law that will affect our country now and everyone in it regardless of race. Looks like Pitts is the racist.

-- Regarding the Oct. 16 Sound Off on Pitts’ Oct. 9 column, don’t whine and call people narrow minded when the truth comes out about your party. Pitts hit the nail on the head. Shutting down the government and defaulting on the debt ceiling because of Obamacare is disgusting. This manufactured crisis cost $24 billion. This has to stop.

-- Pitts is an award-winning, nationally syndicated columnist. He presents thought-provoking information about race relations. I don’t always agree with him, but I would hate to see his column tossed. I detect some bigotry in those who want him canceled.

-- I cannot believe The Gazette continues to print the divisive bilge contributed by Pitts. Pitts accepts that minority heritage is only livable when they live on the Obama plantation. His criticism of Ben Carson is appalling. Free speech to Pitts is only for those who think as he thinks. Thank you, Mr. Carson, for a man of intelligence, conviction and responsibility.

On liberal columnists: Hey Gazette, why don’t you get somebody that is going to be liberal but at least have a brain. Susan Estrich?

On Walker’s tax cut: When the Democrats want to raise taxes, it is just a small amount,  but when Gov. Walker wants to give us a tax break, they ridicule it.

-- Walker got his property tax relief through that will average $13 a home. Last year, my taxes went up $200 because of all the cuts to schools. Why doesn’t he give it back to them? I can do the math. Can he?

On squirrel hunt: This is about Sunday’s outdoor column by Ted Peck, “Squirrel hunt evokes fond memories.” How much meat can you get off a squirrel? I think Peck is squirrelly himself. Likewise, how much meat does a dove have? People have to be insane sitting in 20-degree weather trying to kill squirrels. Don’t they have something to do in their lives?

On organist: Regarding the article on Page 3A Oct. 20, “Music from heaven,” Virginia Nitz is a wonderful, caring person in addition to her great talent as a musician. We are blessed that she plays the piano for the choristers at the senior center here in Janesville.

On shutdown: I understand that our government workers had no control over their being out of work, but why are they getting paid for the time they were off and not signing up for unemployment like the rest of the world has to do? How many dollars would that save us taxpayers? Come on, you guys; let’s get it together.

On new fire station: I totally agree with using the fairgrounds site. If the fairgrounds move, that site would be great. I live on South Fremont, and the emergency services are always coming down my street headed out to Interstate 90, and that would be a straight shot from the fairgrounds.

On football: There are too many injuries to the game, almost like we’re back to the Roman times, when gladiators were killing each other. They ought to find a way to stop the injuries or maybe just stop playing football.

On burglaries: In Sunday’s paper, someone asked what police are going to do about the rash of burglaries. Residents could be more vigilant of their neighborhoods and a bit more patient with police. How many miles square is Janesville, and how many officers work per unit? We do not have an eye-in-the-sky helicopter for midnight surveillance.

On Obamacare website: It’s amusing to watch Democrats on TV talking about how popular the website is. That’s like saying the draft was really popular among young men and practically everyone signed up once they turned 18. Yah, it’s the law. Second, they won’t tell how many have signed up because that number is so small it would humiliate them to admit it.

On Congress: A suggested role for The Gazette: Contact Rock County’s congressional representatives with two questions: Do you have a leadership PAC? If yes, have you used any of it for personal use? Then publish the responses.

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