United Way 2013 fundraising campaign off to good start

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Shelly Birkelo
Tuesday, October 22, 2013

JANESVILLE—The United Way Blackhawk Region's 2013 fundraising campaign, which kicked off Sept. 18, is ramping up.

“Now, it's the very large corporations that are starting to run their campaigns through the balance of the year,” said Steve Kinkade, president.

Campaign Chairman Tom Spilde added: “We're in the first quarter, and we've got a lot of ballgame left in front of us.”

Through Oct. 18, $420,471 or 15 percent of the $2.8 million goal had been raised, Kinkade said Monday.

Kinkade couldn't say how that compares to dollars raised for the same time last year.

“That's because we had two parallel campaigns running slightly different tracks” in 2012, he said.

The United Way of North Rock County and Stateline United Way merged into one organization in 2012, and this is the new unit's first fund-raising campaign combining all of Rock County and a piece of northern Illinois.

Regardless, Kinkade said, United Way leaders are pleased with the support and generosity from early campaigns, which included the Pacesetter givers.

“We have noted increases from some of those accounts, and one that really set the pace was Mid State Concrete Products, which has generated over 10,000 new dollars,” he said.

Spilde said he, too, is feeling positive about this year's campaign.

“I'm feeling pretty good about it. We've got a lot of campaigns ahead and appointments set up for employee campaign dates. So we've got things rolling. We're making progress,” he said.

“The more I'm out there talking to people and rubbing elbows with them at different events and employee campaigns,” he said, “folks are so positive.”


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