Council set to sign contract with new city manager

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Marcia Nelesen
Monday, October 14, 2013

JANESVILLE--The Janesville City Council is scheduled to approve a contract Monday night to pay the new city manager a salary of $140,000.

Mark Freitag, 47, is a U.S. Army colonel serving in Alaska. He was hired by the city council in August and is scheduled to start as city manager Dec. 1.

Highlights of the agreement include:

-- Salary of $140,000 a year. After six months, Freitag's performance would be reviewed, but he would not be eligible for a pay increase. Beginning Dec. 1, 2014, Freitag would be reviewed annually and be eligible for merit pay increases.

-- A $5,100 annual allowance for an American-made vehicle.

-- A $5,000 annual contribution to a deferred compensation plan. Freitag also would contribute to the Wisconsin Retirement System, as required by state law.

-- Health insurance equal to what is paid other city employees. The city would pay premiums for short-term and long-term disability coverage and life insurance premiums equal to his base salary.

-- Twenty days vacation after six months, like other city employees. Five vacation days may be used within the first six months. Freitag would get five weeks of vacation at the start of his fifth year of employment.

-- Sick leave accrued at the same rate as other city employees. He would receive 20 days of sick leave Dec. 1 but would not accumulate additional sick leave until he has earned the 20 sick days at the rate of one sick day per month. Employees cannot accumulate more than 120 days. Those who have 120 sick days accrued are paid for sick days not taken.

-- If he is fired or if he quits, he would be paid for acquired or unused vacation time not to exceed 50 days, unused and accrued sick leave over 120 and all paid holidays not yet observed.

-- Two personal days in any year that no sick leave is used and one personal day if only one sick day is used. This is the same as other city employees.

-- Eleven holidays, including three floating holidays, like other non-union city employees.

-- A requirement that he provide at least 60 days written notice before leaving his job. Upon retirement, the city would not be obligated to pay severance. Six months of severance would be paid if he is fired.

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