Sound Off for Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

On shutdown: The gridlock in Washington started with the impeachment of Clinton.  Ever since, both parties have been more interested in payback than compromise. The only thing that will change that is term limits coupled with strict limitations on lobbying or a complete collapse of our federal government. Take your pick.

-- If Paul Ryan was a real reform leader, the first bill he would propose would be to make Congress the first people to not be paid whenever there is a budget difference like this.

-- The way I look at it, the government's been on shutdown since John Boehner has been the speaker of the House.

-- The White House is now using the government shutdown to force private campgrounds to close. These campgrounds receive no federal money and have no federal employees. There's no reason for them to close, but the White House is using the Forest Service to bully them into shutting their doors to inflict pain on Americans who might want to go camping or have some other recreational plans.

-- The White House had some boat launches in Wisconsin barricaded in an attempt to inflict pain on the people of Wisconsin, but thanks to a governor who's not afraid to lead, those barricades were removed. The federal government contributes 18 percent, but they think as an 18 percent shareholder, they have the right to shut everything down.

-- Obama ordered the open air monuments in Washington barricaded. When veterans went around the barricades, they were wired together. Obama shows his contempt for Americans by trying to make the government shutdown as painful as possible while he refuses to negotiate.

On food stamps: It's time that the United States does something about this. It is becoming way too big of a problem, and it's not everybody else's responsibility to work their tails off to pay for these people. Let's go back to where these people have to get the basic food groups.

On student parking: If they're going to make students pay the $100 fee to get a parking permit at Craig High, then that should apply to everybody. I am a parent, and I visited the parking lot yesterday, and probably over half of them in the parking lot did not have their permits. Come on Janesville Craig, let's have everybody buy permits or no permits.

On police officers: I want to say thank you to the two officers who helped us Thursday morning, Oct. 3. I want to thank them for doing a thorough job and calling us back. I think the police department deserves a lot of credit for their officers.

On post office fence: I go to the post office two to three times a day to drop off mail and pick up stuff, and that fence is great. When they didn't have it, it was like a racetrack going through there.

On political ads: What a joke—over exaggeration and plain fiction. Wouldn't it be nice if people who were running for office would just tell the truth for once? I'm so tired of hearing all the garbage that is thrown at us. Do they really believe we are so gullible? Our state has never been so divided. Maybe we can change that with the upcoming election.

On Janesville budget: If debt service of $499,000 is the largest increase in the new budget, how much of the $31 million budget is total debt service? We're in a sad state of affairs at every government level when we can't seem to balance a budget with a minimal amount of debt.

On paying it forward: Several nights ago, I was in Sentry East.  After my groceries were checked, I went to pay for them, and the checker said the wonderful couple ahead of me paid for my groceries. Many thanks; I hope I can replay your kindness to others. God bless.

On cribs for kids: The way school administrators are evaluating family and consumer education courses, otherwise known as home economics, and skipping and discontinuing them is having an effect on the family, child care and safety, and shaken baby syndrome.

On Milton bypass: Do people not realize that John Paul Road is 55 mph speed limit; it's just 45 mph when you get to the McCormick Road area. I wish people would drive the speed limit.

-- Traffic on John Paul Road has increased enormously southbound since the Highway 26 bypass opened. For the southern part before it intersects with Highway 26, we need to do something about semis that are barreling by here. It's a 45 mph speed limit, but they often go way above 55 mph. And this section of road from McCormick Place south to 26 is a residential area.  

On Presidents Cup: Who decided to play the golf tournament on Sunday at the same time NFL football was on the air? I don't know what genius thought somebody would sit there and watch a golf tournament when you could watch football. I know Tiger's popular with some people, but he's not that popular.

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