Sound Off for Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

On shutdown: The president gave a speech claiming he didn’t want the government shut down. He lied. He wanted the shutdown badly because he believes Republicans will get blamed for it. He knows the media will tell everyone it’s all the Republicans’ fault. The last time government shut down, conventional wisdom is that Republicans took a beating.

-- How about putting all these conservative Republicans to work at a McDonald’s for about two months and see how well they can live on it. Also, we should cut insurance for all members of Congress.

-- Republicans offered four or five compromises ahead of the shutdown. Democrats rejected every one and offered no compromise, yet it’s still Republicans’ fault.

-- Everyone affected by what this do-nothing Congress has done to us should remember this when representatives are up for re-election.

-- A grass-roots group is forming in Elkhorn to go to Washington and take members of Congress and push them out in the ocean in rowboats.

-- Looks like members of Congress don’t care if they get re-elected.

-- Where were all the Republicans who cried foul when Democrats brought about a recall of Gov. Walker? They called us babies and said you lost the election; 14 Democratic state senators left the state and should have been fired for not doing their jobs. Sounds similar to Republicans in Congress.

On health care: I don’t see where this Affordable Care Act is affordable if you’re 58 years old and are high risk because you have health problems. I don’t know how they think we can afford $500 to $700 a month.

-- Kudos to House Republicans for trying to get rid of the special subsidies for members of Congress so they don’t have Obamacare for insurance. They are no better than us.

-- In response to a Wednesday Sound Off, I wish people would know their facts before they comment. My husband and I have farmed over 30 years, and we’re not on BadgerCare.

On WWII Memorial: Veterans found it barricaded, so they moved the barricades and went in anyway. This closure should infuriate everyone since there was no reason for barricades; it’s an open-air memorial. It actually costs the government more to barricade it, but they did it because they want everyone to believe you can’t live without maximum government.

-- The memorial was possible because of $197 million in private donations. Obama had no right to shut it down; it only shows his contempt for those who fought for our country.

-- Americans including school children who have always been able to tour the White House are no longer allowed in there; now veterans are not allowed to visit the memorial. What’s happening to our once great country? Is this really the America we want?

On town of Milton: In regard to Sunday’s Sound Off about Milton enforcing ordinances, we’ve been trying to clean Mallwood, which is in the town of Milton, for years and get no help. Why do homeowners not take any pride in their residence?

On bypass ramifications: Milton City Administrator Jerry Schuetz does not need a study to determine which streets have become busier since the Highway 26 bypass opened. John Paul Road has become a freeway, average speed probably 50 mph.

On superintendent: Karen Schulte inherited several programs that have provided a base for district success. For example 4-year-old kindergarten, the Studer-based leadership program, and a stable budget and fair teacher contract. Let’s hope she can continue the long-time district success in an open and less self-serving manner.

On city maintenance: The city was notified late Thursday afternoon that two bulbs were out in the flashing crosswalk light on Main Street. By Friday morning, they were replaced. Nice work.

On courthouse tower: The solution is to put a roof on and also louvers in the windows. Too much rain and snow are causing freezing and thawing cycles, and that’s the problem with bricks coming off.

On election funding: Last month there was an article about a city councilman who wants Janesville taxpayers to help pay for campaigns. They should pay for it all themselves or go around and get the money themselves. We should not pay any of it.

On 70-mph speed limit: I don’t know what planet this Rep. Paul Tittl came from, but 70 is too fast. Automakers are required to get better mileage with their vehicles every year, and all higher speed does is waste fuel. If it goes to 70, people will be doing 85 and 90.

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