Sound Off for Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

On Saxer: I enjoyed the letter Johnny Saxer wrote about the beginning of youth baseball in Janesville (Page 6A, Thursday). Without that program, many lives would have been changed and opportunities missed. Terry Ryan, for example, would have never become general manager of the Twins. With all the lives he’s touched, Saxer is like the George Bailey of Janesville.

-- It’s amazing what the vision of a group of people can do to benefit a community. Three cheers to them.

-- The letter by Saxer on Little League in Janesville was an inspiration to read, and he is an icon of a man.

-- Saxer inspired my four children to come and participate in Little League. I’ve got four boys, and they’ve all thought so much of Saxer for his kindness and generosity. My children are all athletes, and I credit Saxer for most of that. Thank you, Johnny, once again.

-- Hats off to Johnny Saxer’s letter. Not only has Mr. Saxer been a contribution to our society as a former commanding officer in the Navy, he has also given generously and extended his knowledge and appreciation of life, fitness and joy to our own local community. Thank you for the example you set for all of us.

On free lunch: The Sept. 18 Guest Views editorial hit the nail on the head. Of course we should help the poor, but do we really need everyone on the dole? It seems our country is doing things backward. We should be looking to create jobs so we can pay our own way instead of borrowing to give away more and more.

On Irish Fest: It should be held in March around St. Patrick’s Day. It should not intrude on the heritage of the many hardworking Germans during their October Fest season. It shows no respect.

On Cruz: AP is up to the usual tricks. They dig through dozens and dozens of photographs to find the worst possible picture they can of Ted Cruz. They would never do that with a liberal politician.

On Obama: Criticize the Republicans, the tea party, Rush and O’Reilly all you want. It still does not change the fact that we have a president and administration that exhibit a level of incompetence that is breathtaking. Zero foreign policy or strategy, basic dishonesty, unwillingness to compromise, an economy in shambles and our society morally bankrupt.

On unions: If Sound Off callers don’t know what the union has done for them, they don’t deserve the benefits. Two dollars extra to keep a union hall open is nothing to break you.

On school car show: Front-page news in the Sept. 27 Gazette, a school car show offers a metaphor for evolution. Really? I believe those cars had intelligent designers.

-- Thanks to the Evansville Middle School science teacher for using cars as a metaphor for creation. Those cars were created by someone greater and then created on an assembly line. Thank you for proving creation by intelligent design. My friends who worked at GM would be offended for someone to think they simply evolved.

On health care: I wonder how all of the farmers with Gov. Walker signs in their front yards during the last election feel about losing their BadgerCare?

On noisy neighbors: On the corner of Lexington Drive and Mt. Vernon Avenue, there’s a bunch of boys playing at night. It’s 10:30 p.m., and they’re still playing.

On sports section: I cannot believe that with all the high school football games and sports activities held Friday night, the only picture you could come up with for the front of the local sports Saturday is of the Janesville Jets playing hockey. Are you for real? When thousands of high school students participate in an event, it should not be hidden in sports.

On Walk a Mile: Your picture and story on “Heels (and horrors)” was great (Page 1A, Saturday). I applaud those fellows who had the courage to do that. It’s such an important message that Eric Anderson and the rest of the fellows hope to convey. Guys tend to listen more to guys, so if more guys speak out against abuse, that’s great.

On senior center: The reason the center is so crowded is it’s just a great place to hang out, and we sure do love to play Euchre. We’ll find a way to fit everybody in. It’s a great treat just to go there and hear Pat’s sunny hello and see her great smile. Come and join us.

On Janesville School District: It lost dozens of experienced teachers this year. The school board needs to look and listen to what is happening. Teachers who remain build relationships with families. We need to build a professional community for our local youths so they have opportunities here. Let’s focus local instead of on international revenue.

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