Sound Off for Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

On Gazette: Last Sunday, there were two small articles on world news and one on the front page but there also were eight pages of sports. Monday there was one small article on Pakistan and one small article on a typhoon in China. We have loved ones overseas. You don’t print enough on world news. This is typical for most days in The Gazette. Please add more.

-- My wife and I often call The Gazette the depression paper with all the wars and crimes, dirty politics and car bombings. What a pleasure it was to read Wednesday’s paper. The feel- good stories about the chapel and poor animals at the shelter give one a good feeling all over. Thanks, Gazette; you made our day.

On post office: Take down that fence.

On food stamps: Isn’t it time the U.S. pulls together and does something about this? There are way too many people on food stamps, and people who don’t need to be on them that have cellphones, beautiful cars and everything else. It’s about time they are responsible for their own actions. If they want four kids, let them feed them, not everybody else’s dollar.

On Forbes’ list and Diane Hendricks: She has worked very hard to earn what she has, and it’s her decision to do with what she makes. For all you people who think she needs to donate to you, maybe it’s time you get off your butts and get out and work as hard as she does.

-- Hendricks refurbishes to her advantage. The only place it shows is downtown, and most places have her name on it someplace. Don’t be fooled by the Band-Aid on Beloit; there’s an awful lot to be done to that city.

-- How sad that last Sunday’s Sound Off caller does not know all she does. One only needs to drive to Beloit to see ABC Supply and the thousands of jobs she created. The same thing for downtown, part of the college and sponsorship of the Beloit International Film Festivals. We are fortunate to have her in our community and state. Shame on the jealous haters.

On Obamacare: Republicans are trying to stop it because they believe it’s a terrible bill that will drive up the care costs and drive down quality and availability. What is the Democrats' argument? Republicans are evil. Democrats can’t argue the merits of the bill; they can only demonize the other side.

-- I pay a small fortune for insurance and got notification that it’s going up again while my pension goes down. I have a middle-aged daughter who has a teen daughter and no longer qualifies for BadgerCare. She works two jobs at one place 60 hours a week trying to qualify for health care. It makes you know why people are getting less empathetic and sympathetic.

-- Regarding Page 1A Thursday, “Health care premiums for state unveiled,” the issue is not what costs will be compared to projection; the issue is what costs will be compared to what you pay now. The Obama administration can put out all the fantasy it wants through the media, but when people get their bills, even low-information voters are going to figure it out.

On China plans: I can hardly even read that story in Monday’s Gazette, it makes me so furious. The money we are spending not only on Superintendent Schulte’s salary, but Robert Smiley’s, and then to send principals, too? Is this supposed to be a business trip? We have so many issues in our school district; I’m upset with the school board that they can’t see this.

-- After all the time and energy that has been spent by our administration and school board, has anybody asked Schulte the expected number of students coming? Is it one or 100? I have never seen a number. What are Schulte’s goals and projections for the next three to five years? That would be included in just about any business plan if it’s done properly.

On traffic law: It is important to remember that respecting pedestrian crosswalks is a corollary of “Thou shall not kill.”

On Traxler Park: I walk down there every day and notice the skating house needs a paint job and wood repair. It’s going to waste. You see people working for the city just standing around when they could be fixing up that building. It’s probably another building that Janesville is going to let go, and we’ll have to build a new one.

On city of Milton: Why have ordinances when the police department won’t enforce them? There are campers, trailers and boats parked in the street left unattended, as well as parked on lawns. These are ordinance violations. You call and turn someone in, and nothing gets done about it. Get rid of the police department, and let Rock County take over.

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