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Friday, September 27, 2013


On school district’s China efforts: How do we as taxpayers stop this? I would think they would realize this is not wanted and stop it on their own.


-- “The plan remains to generate revenue from the program.” So far, how much is the district in debt to this endeavor? … And will the tuition-paying students be given priority over local students?


-- This whole situation is just plain wrong. We are supposed to be educating our young people, not Chinese, or others. Delay this until the next election and hold a referendum on it. I think the results would be obvious.


-- Contact your school board members with your opinions. This is the only way your views will be made known.


-- I don’t see any negatives in this at all. I hope it proceeds.


On idea of separate compost fee: (Jay) Winzenz is just trying to find a solution. This dumping and resulting waste costs money to handle. My solution, buy a good mulching mower.

--badger man

-- How many people have the time and room to compost their bush, hedge and tree-trimming waste? Enough taxing residents. Plenty of room in oversized trash bins for a double-bagged load of yard waste.

--Frank E. Drew

-- How about we charge tolls for Memorial and Center bridges, too? I think once we take out the parking ramp downtown, we should install parking meters that are very expensive. Hey, what about permits just to park on the street? Other cities have them. I am sure we can think of all kinds of stupid ways to raise revenue, so why stop with yard waste fees?


-- So up, up, and up again for trash. What about the “savings” from those carts? I am OK with the up, up, up (sort of). I understand things need to be paid for. What makes me mad it this is not on our taxes where it belongs!

--ms pacman

-- Start charging a fee for yard waste, and you will see people dumping wherever they want. A few weeks ago, a guy with a blue pickup was dumping grass and branches in the ditch on Afton Road near the Bellrichard Bridge.

--Joe From Wisconsin

-- As a taxpayer user of the compost facility, I meet many people getting rid of debris frequently to avoid home storage. If you start charging a fee, many folks will stop using and the entire city will suffer in many ways. Remember, the users presently are spending their money and time driving to the facility.

--Donald Anderson


To Greg Peck: We have them around our flowers, too. A very interesting moth. Some are almost as large as the smaller hummingbirds. Up close it looks like a mutant cross between a hummingbird and an insect. Great picture, any openings in that department?

--Nick Danger

-- Thanks for the info. I watched one the other day while sitting on my patio and was able to get very close to it. Did not have a camera though. Isn’t nature great? Nice picture.

--Charles Pope

-- Nice picture, Greg! I've made three failed attempts to get pictures of the ones flitting around my place, but the ones here are rather skittish. I only recently heard about them, then spotted them for the first time earlier this summer. Even their movement back and forth as they feed mimics hummingbirds. Very cool insect.


-- I like the detail of the proboscis extended. Your next assignment is to photograph one with its proboscis coiled under its head, as you described. Haven’t seen one of those over our way, so I can’t help you out.

--Den Adler

To Andrew Reuter: Is this format to become an essay section, or is it a comment section? I really don’t think longer comments are needed. I don’t read the long comments now. If you have that much to say, use the op-ed section.


-- It makes perfect sense, Andrew. You explained it so simply I started laughing. … Thanks. Now if we could get the number of comments next to the words for each article, things would be good. I enjoy reading the comments, but clicking on articles just to find there are no new comments is just … annoying.


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