Sound Off for Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On massacre: Kathleen Parker’s column, “Here we go again,” on Thursday’s Opinion page was excellent. She knows of which she speaks, and a great political cartoon right along with it: “Wielding a deranged man, a gun killed 12 people today.”

On school district policy: Superintendent Karen Schulte has shown poor judgment and little transparency in handling gifts and donations. I question Commissioner David DiStefano’s answer to hire a new person to handle that part of her job. Shouldn’t the board evaluate the superintendent, not cover for her?

-- We have too many positions for people who are not in the classroom. There are academic and behavioral issues in every classroom. I’d like to propose that all employees spend a portion of their time in the classroom, not in meetings or flying around or coming up with additional rules and directives.

-- We don’t need to create another position to handle something that school board members ought to be handling.

On climate: Regarding Page 5B Friday, “Climate quirks throw off experts,” here’s how it works. Left-wing environmental groups make millions through federal grants. Wall Street makes billions creating carbon credits. The government makes trillions taxing every form of energy. And you and I get to stay home weekends because we won’t be able to afford gas.

On compost fee: I’ve had enough of these excessive garbage fees. Now the city wants a composting fee. I don’t want any more fees added to my garbage because I’m on a fixed income. This is absolutely ridiculous.

-- There are already too many overgrown, unkempt properties in Janesville. Charging for disposal of yard waste will discourage clean up. John Whitcomb is right; some will hide it in trash bins.

On good Samaritan: A very big thank you to the man who took in the grocery carts at Woodman’s on Friday, Sept. 20. I left my purse in the cart, and he found it and took it to the office. It is nice to know there are honest people.

On Obamacare: Here we go again, fees charged to implement the health care law. Republicans will throw every roadblock they can think of in front of Obamacare—lies, fees, threats, shutdown the government. Then they can proudly bump their chests and declare it a failure. Why don’t they earn their salaries and get to work on necessary things?

On GM plant: What’s going on at the plant? Anybody ask themselves that but this ex-employee? Got new Jackson Street all lined better than when I worked there. Janesville’s the last plant on line to be turned back on; the other two are back on. You watch, we’re going to be opening the doors pretty soon, and then Janesville can lower our taxes again.

On Senate candidates: I’m calling in reference to Page 8A Saturday. Mike Sheridan served us well in Rock County, and we need his experience in Madison.

-- We need Sheridan back in Madison. Sheridan served us well in the Legislature. Everyone makes mistakes; he deserves a second chance.

On Forbes list: In regards to Sunday’s Sound Off, would you please print all the names of the people on handouts in the city of Janesville because they want to know if Diane Hendricks ever donates to charity. We all give money to all the helpless people in our city.

-- I’m an Independent, but as far as I’m concerned, everybody’s money is theirs to do with just what they choose.

-- Diane Hendricks has done tremendous amounts of real estate refurbishing and development, and this has created tons of jobs in Beloit. Take a ride to Beloit and check it out.

On local bids: Regarding Page 1A Sunday, “Local doesn’t always make cents,” if it is likely that spending $1 locally rolls over six times, let’s spend it at home and employ here.

On senior center: In response to Sunday’s Sound Off concerning how Tuesday Euchre players are treated, if it’s too crowded, maybe the number of players should be limited or split between two days. I have found the senior center staffers to be friendly, courteous and helpful in trying to accommodate every activity to the best of their ability.

On Packers: After watching the Packers go down in another defeat, it is painfully obvious that the Ted Thompson way of never improving his team through free agents is a failing strategy.

On “Ag Matters”: Thank you, Jim Raymond, for your wonderful program on WCLO. I enjoyed listening to David Arndt about Haiti.

On Parkview district: Steve Lutzke’s letter to the editor about Parkview High School (Page 6A, Saturday) was full of facts and insight.

On shutdown: If we have a shutdown of our government and are unable to pay our bills, how about if the first thing we cut is the senators’ and congressmen’s paychecks? Or am I more likely to see pigs fly first?

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