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Friday, September 20, 2013


On deteriorating courthouse bricks: If the tower won't support precast panels of concrete, perhaps they should board up the horizontal openings and fill it with cement. That would allow observers to point to the base of the tower and use my mom’s old diagnosis: “You’re full of beans up to there, and the rest is concrete.”

-- Kevin Goebe

-- These are bad bricks. The only fix is to replace them.

-- garyprimer

-- Agree with garyprimer. The only fix is to replace those bricks. This is not an uncommon problem with chimneys, which have a similar cold/hot situation. A no-brainer here. Or if you want to really solve this problem, tear down that ugly tower. It never was needed and serves no purpose either.


-- And we will award the contract to ... the lowest bidder.

-- non_grata

On latest report card on Janesville district: Woot woot! Go Wilson, Jackson and Harrison! Way. To. Go.!

-- SamMadison

On Local Vision TV signs off: Good luck wherever life takes you next, Tony.

-- Frank J. Schultz

-- Video market is a touch market to pursue at this time. Ten years ago it was a booming business, and we did 30-plus weddings a year. Today virtually none. The same holds true for other video work. I am talking from experience.

-- Alvin Draeger

On Hendricks rises on Forbes’ list: Congrats to all of them!

-- wislady

-- They sure cry enough during election time that they need tax breaks to survive. Ha!

-- buyusa

On Sept. 18 Sound Off: To the person who commented on the Badger players learning clock management, rewatch the last 18 seconds of the game. The players did try to stop the clock. The refs botched it!

-- Tammy Brown

On Milton Superintendent Tim Schigur: Congratulations, Tim. You’re off to a GREAT start!

-- sabreman

On dairy veterinarian: This post and my preceding post are in regard to the barbaric and outdated practice of “tail docking” or more truly stated, amputation of an animal’s tail. … The experts quoted say it is a proven fact that this practice in no way improves sanitation or safety, so … I ask Wisconsin dairy farmers to get on board and ban this needless, outdated, ugly practice.

-- Solo Voce

On fairgrounds site: This is a decision that has been years in the making, and time is running out. The 4-H Fair needs room. A new fairgrounds would allow for expansion and for increased use, which in turn would mean increased revenue down the road. We complain about the problems but seem to be unwilling to solve them. Let’s start solving for a change.

-- RetArmy

-- Time for the county board, as well as the city of Janesville, to “Put up or shut up.” Now that it looks like there is a real chance of moving the fair, they all of the sudden want to be serious about this. As for the comments on their land at highways 51/14 being too valuable, I say that is plain and simple GREED. That would be an awesome place for it.

-- hdonlybob

-- The grounds need to be between the two large cities, Janesville and Beloit. Somewhere around Blackhawk Tech would be halfway and easy for all to get to it. … Much of the land just north of Blackhawk Tech really does not have much value, so not eating up valuable farmland. Both Janesville and Beloit would benefit from this in motels and restaurants.

-- Alvin Draeger

-- The most obvious location to move the fair to would be the old JATCO site. Plenty of room, and easy access with the road to nowhere. This would also help the south-side economy.

-- Holly421


To Greg Peck: Make teenagers turn off ALL electronic devices (or better yet—parents, take them). Oh, and no TVs in their bedrooms. Majority of sleep problems solved!

-- Dawn Lindaas

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