Sound Off for Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On fairgrounds: The location it’s at now is too small, and there’s no ample parking. Plus it’s very dangerous with cars parked along city streets and children darting between cars. It’s an accident waiting to happen. There are several areas in Rock County and the town of Beloit with plenty of acres available. I don’t see why it needs to be moved to Evansville.

-- This on a recommended new spot for the 4-H fair: The corner of highways 51 and 14. It’s a huge acreage on the southwest corner.

On unions: GM retirees go to the union hall for yet another “takeaway this,” “lose this,” “pay this” session. Happens every year. Then the leaders have the gall to ask retirees: Who wants to donate money to keep the union hall open? Are you kidding me? We will help them as much as they have helped us.

On Superintendent Schulte: It’s shown throughout the country how many schools are being shut down, how many teachers are being let go, how many programs are being cut, but yet she sees fit to make our district a travel center for the principals. We have no business going to China. Stay here and take care of what we have.

-- It’s time parents quit paying to send her to China. We need a lot of help in the school system, and we do not need to be worrying about China.

On women and jobs: Regarding the front-page Sept. 13, “American women outrun men in regaining jobs since recession,” this article is one giant fantasy. There are 12 million people fewer in the workforce than the day Obama took office. This recovery is a jobless recovery. The idea that all women that have lost jobs have recovered them is utter nonsense.

-- Friday’s article says women have “regained all the jobs they lost to the Great Recession.” What a joke and lie. In our friends-and-family circle, not one woman has regained her job. All are still wondering how they are going to survive because their unemployment has run out and they’re applying for part-time minimum wage jobs that won’t pay the bills.

On voucher schools: Regarding “Voucher schools oppose testing bill,” Page 8A, Friday, what has been happening in regard to our regulatory departments when organizations are concerned that they won’t be evaluated and reported fairly by the Department of Public Instruction? We have lost trust in our government organizations, and it is frightening.

On Syria: Regarding Page 2A Saturday, “Ryan rips apart Obama’s Syria strategy,” do any Republicans remember Bush and Cheney and how they couldn’t wait to get us into Iraq? How did that work out for us?

-- Once again Ryan bashes Obama’s strategy but didn’t offer a solution to the businessmen in Brookfield. Clearly he doesn’t have one. Paul Ryan, try working with our president and less talk.

-- There is a hypocrisy of the United States regarding the nerve gas in Syria. Our country dropped millions of gallons of poisonous defoliants on Vietnamese fields, and from it deformed children will be delivered for centuries.

On Milton superintendent: Great story about Mr. Schigur (Page 1A, Saturday). It would be wonderful if all employers—not just school superintendents—would have the attitude he does. What an inspiration he must be to his employees.

On belts in buses: In response to Saturday’s Your Views, I drive a school bus for a living. If you require seat belts to be used on buses, what happens when a child takes his belt off? I’m supposed to pull over. Parents expect to have their kids taken home in a timely manner. What happens if there’s a fire? Who’s going to be responsible for getting all the kids off?

On Badger game: If I were the Badgers, I would never play another game with Pac-12 officials. There were so many blown calls and missed calls that the referee group should be embarrassed.

-- I hope Coach Andersen will start spending less time making commercials and more time with his ballplayers and teach them how to stop the clock so you can kick a game- winning field goal.

On PolitiFact: It routinely shows its liberal bias by the issues it chooses to review and which it ignores. It manifested its bias again in Sunday’s paper when it repeats a bogus claim saying job creation in Wisconsin is lagging in a column on casinos that has nothing to do with the issue.

On Sen. Cullen: What a well-written letter on Saturday’s opinion page by James Kieselburg. All I can say is Amen.

-- Cullen is concerned with the credentials of teachers in voucher schools but doesn’t seem to care about tenured teachers who don’t get fired no matter what.

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