Sound Off for Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

On President Obama: The US has launched 372 drone attacks in Pakistan resulting in 3,149 deaths; only 48 were high-profile Taliban combatants. The rest were civilians or suspected militants, including 175 children. Obama has approved a majority of these attacks.  Now Obama wants to punish Syria's President Assad for killing people. Obama is a hypocrite.

On China initiative: Superintendent Schulte, what are you doing to our school system and our country, setting up relations with China? They could care less about our survival; they just want the education to further themselves in our country. The other countries are fine, like Argentina, France, Germany and Spain, but not China, Russia or Korea. We don't want our district to get income from our enemies. There will be a price to pay.

-- I'd like to thank Greg Ardrey and Kevin Murray for looking into these China trips. I think Schulte and these other teachers that are going not only on their own dime but on our taxpayer dollars should be questioned. I'm sure that these alliances with the Chinese students can be done over the Internet and through telephone calls.

-- Superintendent Schulte and the board met in secret session to establish the fee for Chinese students.  Why was this discussion in secret session? Also, perhaps Schulte and the board could sell district naming rights to the Chinese to help increase funds.

-- Thank you, Commissioner Murray, for being the voice of reason. It is time to hire a superintendent who is not self-serving and elect board members who represent constituents and do not rubber stamp the superintendent. Thanks for the revealing reporting, Gazette staff.

On “Oliver”: Bravo to the cast of “Oliver” at JPAC on Sunday, Sept 8. It was an excellent play. Congratulations to the whole cast. We enjoyed it so much.

On Michelle Obama: Her sole reason for coming to Watertown is to promote water over soda for kids. I think we need to start letting some of these decisions be handled by parents.  Apparently, she thinks she needs to be the policeman on pop—her and Mayor Bloomberg.

On roundabouts: The writer of the guest editorial Sept. 10 apparently believes that the American people should not decide what kind of roads they are going to drive on, so a handful of government bureaucrats should make that decision because they are so much smarter than us. Balderdash!

On health insurance: It was a no-brainer that health insurance companies would raise their rates as soon as Obamacare would be coming into effect. It's bad enough they try and fight you tooth and nail over some claim, but to gouge people as much as possible is criminal. All of us should have the same health insurance as our politicians.

-- This is in response to caller who said that Obamacare is the will of the people. I don't know where this caller has been, but Obamacare is wildly unpopular. And wait until people get their 70 percent increase in insurance premiums and their wait time for doctors doubles and triples. The only people that like it are the freeloaders that were already getting free health care anyway.

-- A caller Sunday says the Obamacare debate is over, and we should get in line, but if more than half of the people don't want Obamacare, then why should the people get in line with it?

On Sen. Cullen: Tim Cullen tried to be the peacemaker between Republicans and Democrats when he fled to Illinois during the Act 10 debate. He could have been a true statesman if he had returned to Madison to do what he was elected to do instead of obeying his party leadership to shut down debate.

-- I just want to wish Sen. Tim Cullen a healthy and happy retirement.

-- It's interesting how as soon as he announces his intention to not seek re-election, his face shows up in the paper everyday with some article or some bill that he's going to sponsor or wants to push through. If the political climate in Madison is so toxic, why is he bothering to do anything? 

 On fairgrounds: I'm calling about where to put the new fairgrounds. GM isn't coming back. Why not put them over in the old JATCO trucking yard. All we need is some leveling of land, and you have a lot of space.

-- The fair board should have been buying up the property of all those homes that have come up for sale in the last few years on Ringold Street that borders the fairgrounds. That extra property would have been a great addition to the fairgrounds.

On bus seatbelts: How about if your seatbelt isn't buckled, the bus does not move. Those wishing to not buckle their seatbelts will be put off the bus and have to provide themselves with some other transportation.

On gun control: Here's a little AP story left out of The Gazette. Two Colorado pro-gun-control state senators just lost their jobs in recall elections. They both belonged to heavily Democrat districts.  This goes to show the anti-gun people once again that if you come after our guns, we're coming after your job. 

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