Walworth County Historical Society seeking war memoribila.

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Friday, September 13, 2013

ELKHORN—Once veterans are gone, their stories often disappear.

Letters get thrown out.

Citations get thrown into a box and put in the attic.

Souvenirs from travels end up in garage sales.

The Walworth County Historical Society would like to change that.

In August, the society announced it would be collecting military memorabilia from World War I through the current wars for display at Heritage Hall. 

Heritage Hall, a former funeral home, is across the street from the Webster House Museum, where the historical society keeps its Civil War memorabilia. Webster House is the home of 1800s Civil War era composer Joseph Philbrick Webster, best known for the popular hymn, “The Sweet By and By.”

For the past two years, the historical society has been renovating Heritage Hall, and about 600 square feet will be dedicated the new collection.

The effort is being coordinated by the society and the Walworth County Council of the American Legion, said Bob Webster, past president and current financial officer of the group.

Many veterans and their families have approached their local American Legion posts, offering to donate military items, said current council Cmdr. Bob Miller.

“The historical society board said they would prefer items with a Walworth County connection,”  Webster said.

Items of particular historical significance will, of course, be accepted.

“I asked the board if someone turned up with Patton's pearl-handled pistols, if they'd take them, and they said, 'Yes',” Webster said.

The Walworth County Council of the American Legion has volunteered to help set up the room where the items will be displayed.

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