Your views: Background checks are wise idea in state

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

I listened to a topic on a Milwaukee right-wing radio station regarding use of background checks for “enrollers.” These are workers hired to sign people up in the new Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges. These screenings are necessary because enrollers would have access to sensitive consumer information.

I believe it's essential to protect taxpayers from the real possibility of identity theft, embezzlement, etc.

Apparently, some states are resisting this requirement. They fear adding bureaucratic mountains that would slow enrollment procedures.

Should these background checks be deregulated? Our nation has suffered greatly from deregulation. Remember the banking industry's collapse, which required taxpayer bailouts. Travesties in deregulation have led to profiteering, lax legislation and lack of real oversight.

An even greater danger lurks in Wisconsin concerning deregulation of background checks. Highly touted voucher schools don't require background checks on teachers. Nor must their teachers have licenses or certifications. Only recently have these teachers been required to hold bachelor's degrees, although the degrees need not be in subject areas they teach. That's like saying you can be a lifeguard but don't need water safety certification.

Taxpayer-funded public schools require background checks. Taxpayer-funded voucher schools aren't held to the same accountability standards, nor do they suffer consequences.

This leaves the door wide open for child predators and pedophiles from across the country to seek employment in Wisconsin voucher schools. Do we want to risk our children to victimization?

This isn't good for our children, and it isn't good for democracy.



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