Sound Off for Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

On Obamacare: In the AP story on Page 5A Wednesday, critics of the state Commissioner of Insurance for releasing increasing insurance rates because the rates don’t include federal subsidies miss the point. Most people will pay higher rates, and those that don’t will still have higher rates, but taxpayers will be paying the extra cost.

-- How will people pay for a $2,000 deductible when they’re living on fixed incomes?

-- Once again the people in Madison say Walker’s administration is wrong in the rates it released because you get federal subsidies. All subsidies are is tax money given to people who don’t need it for more free programs. That’s why we’re complaining about Obamacare—it’s going to cost trillions in tax dollars.

On secrecy: It’s time to demand that our lawmakers stop all the closed-door, late-night voting. It seems secrecy is the norm, and it’s costing us billions. There’s no better place to start than here in Wisconsin. Start writing, emailing or calling our lawmakers and tell them enough is enough. They can always be voted out.

On Gazette: I would like to thank The Gazette for its coverage of the U.S. government, including the House, Senate and White House. I enjoy my morning laugh at how not to run a country. Thank you again.

On Syria: Despite what you have heard and read, this is not about America’s credibility; this is about Barack Obama’s credibility. He shot his mouth off about red lines, and now his bluff has been called. What’s he do? He pushes it off on Congress to make the tough decisions. This is a civil war, and we have no business intervening.

-- Instead of going over and fighting with Syria and trying to appease everybody in that country, why don’t we keep our money here in the United States and take care of our own people, schools and highways and fix the United States instead of giving all this money and trying to solve everybody else’s problems?

-- Polls show that a large majority of Americans opposes attacking Syria. If politicians on both sides, Democratic and Republican, are going to ignore the will of the people and do what they want, maybe it’s time we remind them who works for who. Let’s make a list of everyone who votes for this and, in the next election, make sure they all need new jobs.

On teachers: Congratulations to all the new young teachers. Hopefully we treat them well and won’t have to have all the subs at a huge cost to the taxpayers and very unfair to the students.

On train whistles: I’ve lived in Milton my whole life. I live a block away from the train tracks, and it’s not a problem. Trains have been coming through Milton practically for as long as Milton has been here. You’ve got a problem with it, then move.

On good Samaritan: A thank you hardly seems adequate to the person who found my dog at Home Depot and took care of her until I was contacted. Forever grateful is how I feel. He saved her life. God bless you.

On Obama supporters: Are you better off than you were six years ago? The national debt is way up, food stamp needs are way up, welfare recipients are way up, real unemployment up, energy prices are up and rising, the Middle East is falling apart and with Obamacare, who knows? I’m in the middle class, and I’m feeling worse than I was six years ago.

On busing “oops”: If the school staff chaperone is to make sure kids get on the correct bus (Page 3A, Thursday), why didn’t that person notice the tag was not on the back of the backpack where it’s supposed to be and question the student who had the tag in her hand? Second, why did the reporter identify the student as female? We did not need to know that.

On voting rights: The Democratic Party would have you believe that voting rights include the right to vote without proving you are who you say you are. They do not. Voting rights should, however, provide the right to know that your legitimate vote will not be canceled out by a fraudulent vote.

On Congressman Ryan: Bravo to Paul Ryan and his staff. One veteran tried four congressmen to get help with veteran benefits; all refused except Ryan. Service members lose lives and limbs at war. Please expedite their financial needs.

On trash can thieves: Little gremlins are stealing the new cans. It would be helpful for the police if you write down the serial number on the front of your bin. When you go to report them, it makes their job easier.

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