Web Views for Friday, Sept. 6, 2013

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Friday, September 6, 2013


On Adams Roofing purchase: This is a win-win situation for both the city and a long-standing local business.

--Michael Crittenden

-- Maybe Adams Roofing could then move out to the old Menard's building.


-- This is stupid. Why are we bailing these guys out?! If they need to move, they should pay for it just like I have to do if I move my business. How about spending it on a homeless shelter or, better yet, don't spend the money at all!


-- So let me get this straight. We (the taxpayers, grant or not) pay a premium for a piece of ground this is clearly in the flood plain and then relocate the owner to a new building because it would mitigate future business damage? Hmm…how about buying out the jewelry store down the block for the same reason? This is … a sham, and a pathetic one at that.


On road improvement project blocked: Don't give in, La Prairie.


-- This is good to see. Time to stop being forced or pressured to give in to stuff like this. Kudos to La Prairie.


-- I'd like to recommend extending the Highway 11 bypass around Janesville's west side to Highway 14. Still seems like a good idea. It will happen eventually anyway.


On lots of new teachers: Good luck to all the teachers everywhere, especially the Janesville teachers.

--Harry Merrifield

-- Janesville needs new teachers.


-- Congrats and welcome. Nice to see young people excited about their careers.


On schools try out teacher evaluation systems: Let the whiners and jealous haters of teachers begin their rants! Families and friends of our educators know the truth--you simply can do the best with the child as he/she comes to school. … I tip my hat to those dedicated men and women! Test results often don't tell the whole story, folks!


On Obama seeks lawmakers' approval to strike Syria: No military strike. If Assad is guilty of war crimes, indict him and try him. Better yet, let the surrounding nations hold him accountable. Terrible things happen every day all over the world, and we are powerless to stop them. That is a fact of life.


-- The president has found a way to escape responsibility by passing it on to Congress who if they don't authorize, he can say he tried but they (Congress) prevented him. All about his image.


-- Good valid points listed below from both sides. What bothers me the most is that once again Obama is leading from behind. He should have done this in the first place if he had no intention (or the gumption required to be a real leader) to stand behind his statement about crossing the red line that he drew. Now he is thinking politically…



To John Eyster: When society fails to judge a man by his character but by the color of his skin, you can be sure that a politician is behind that failure. Had we pursued a path to equality through a combination of time and education, we would have achieved MLK's dream and more by now.

--Nick Danger

-- Sadly this nation has moved from the great times of civil rights leaders to racial pandering for political purposes. This has hurt minorities and reversed many gains by true civil rights leaders.

--Mike Rhyner

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