Your Views: Janesville’s priorities for spending are wrong

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Friday, September 6, 2013

I have lived in Janesville for more than 60 years. My seven children received great educations with some wonderful teachers. However, I would like to know what our present superintendent of schools is doing for the homeless children in our school system. They need help. She is spending way too much time in China, catering to students in another country.

We have an established foreign exchange program. I know because we had a student from Japan for nine months. It was a great experience, and she was a great student. In my opinion, our superintendent needs a one-way ticket to China!

Also, when are the people who run Janesville going to develop some common sense and spend money on things “needed” and not things “wanted” that the taxpayers are expected to pay for? One example is the renovation of two high schools that should have cost $30 million, not $70 million!

Now we are going to be paying for a multimillion-dollar bus garage that the city “wanted,” not “needed” at this time.

Maybe our city council “needs” to spend time driving around the city to see how many homes are for sale or are just empty. Did council members ever consider that maybe people can’t afford the taxes?



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