Your Views: Be very concerned by legislative agenda

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Friday, September 6, 2013

The drumbeat of voter fraud again echoes across Wisconsin. Walker’s legions have declared this a top legislative priority. This is occurring in spite of no elected official possessing evidence of voter fraud, according to One Wisconsin Now. Be concerned when falsehoods are offered to advance a political agenda.

Redistricting in 2012 was done in secret, with little public input, controlled by and for one political party without regard for interests of the people. Proposals have been advanced for a nonpartisan state agency to conduct future redistricting to ensure unbiased voting districts. Newspaper editors statewide have endorsed public hearings on the proposed change. Republicans are refusing to allow hearings and are letting the proposal languish in committees to die. Be concerned when legislators oppose fair elections and deny the will of the people.

Based on ACT scores, Wisconsin public schools have ranked among the nation’s best. Regardless, a statewide voucher system was instituted to help students escape failing public schools, particularly in disadvantaged areas. Sadly, nearly 70 percent of vouchers were directed to students already enrolled in private schools The monies, coupled with tax credits, rewarded not the failed student, poor or otherwise, but those not in need of educational change. Be concerned when dismantling of public education becomes your government’s policy.

One party government, even if well intended, risks serving vested interests controlled by money-laden lobbyists, rather than public interests. Be very concerned when the cornerstones of democracy—fair elections, transparent government and public education—are undermined.



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