Your Views: Maybe Freitag can clean up problems in Janesville

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Friday, September 6, 2013

The article on re-inspection fees on Aug. 24 caught my attention, along with the headline news Thursday about the price the city is charging to an ill person for not complying with the housing code as fast as the city barks.

Unmowed grass and parking on lawns close to one’s house to deter night runners seem very minor compared to environmental problems that are causing health problems in this city and beyond city limits. I would love to be able to charge a fee every time I ask for city service. Often, no one even shows up to respond to my calls. When someone does come, they come without their brains.

I was very pleased with the city council’s choice of new city manager. Mark Freitag is quoted as saying, “When you drive down the street and see something not right, you know your job is to get it fixed.” I’m hoping we can get him to drive through our side of town. Maybe he can call in the U.S. Army to clean up the drug problem that our city is ignoring and we are trying to survive under.



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