Sound Off for Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

On Syria: We cannot put troops on the ground all over the world. We are not the world’s keeper. There never has been peace throughout the world, and there never will be. If the U.N. wants to take action, great, but don’t expect the U.S. to jump first.

-- So we’re going to go to war over weapons of mass destruction. Does this sound familiar? Aren’t these the same people who criticized George Bush for doing the same thing? Only it’s different now because they’re doing it. What exactly is our strategic national interest? Well, there is none.

-- The U.S. Army used white phosphorus, a chemical weapon, during the Iraq War. When will Americans respond to our own government’s hypocrisy?

-- The president will not go before Congress to get permission to attack another country, yet he will go on bended knee before the United Nations. Vice President Joe Biden is on the record saying that going to war without congressional approval is an impeachable offense. Of course, that was when George Bush was president.

On talented teen: Craig High School’s talent show had Mark Fiore, who did a juggling act, and it was astounding. In fact it was unbelievable. He was so great, I can’t believe he’s a high school kid.

On city pool: Aug. 26, hot and humid outside, and Palmer Park pool was closed.

On new city manager: I was in the military 35 years ago, and I don’t see the correlation between being a military officer and running the city. They found out even people with MBAs have been failures running cities because they are so different. But I hope it’s a success for Mark Freitag.

On Interstate barriers: I’ve always wondered why Janesville residents built homes so close to the Interstate. Now, putting up the barriers will, one way or another, cost the rest of us money.

On China trips: Regarding Wednesday’s story, “Trips raise questions,” I applaud school board member Kevin Murray for delving into this more. I’ve always had these feelings that something else is going on that just isn’t being said.

-- One of Superintendent Karen Schulte’s top goals is increasing revenue through improved global literacy. You’ve got to be kidding. Have you talked with a teenager lately? Too many can’t even speak simple, conversational, face-to-face English. You want the real goal? Work on that.

-- China is not a friendly ally; their stated purpose is to dominate U.S. business. We are assisting them by educating them; let’s not provide more assistance for a country that doesn’t really care about the United States. We don’t need the money that bad.

-- Why doesn’t Schulte spend money and time on our own children? Not long ago Janesville teachers were laid off because of the money. Thank goodness Murray is speaking up. What are other school board members thinking? Where does Schulte get so much authority?

-- The Chinese have taken plenty of our jobs without us educating them, too.

-- Schulte says, “If I am going down a path that is unacceptable to you, then we really need to talk.” Maybe she needs to talk to the whole city because everyone thinks it’s an unacceptable path.

 On school issues: No raises for teachers, junkets to China, double dipping, testing irregularities, endorsing private vendors—when will the board hire a new superintendent?

-- I’m concerned that Janesville teachers are not getting raises but the district rehires Joe Dye for his same pay even though he retired.

On civil rights: For too large a segment of the black community, the parity possible as a result of civil rights legislation has and is being squandered through fractured family structure and responsibility and a runaway drug culture that negates personal achievement and economic parity.

On King’s speech anniversary: On Aug. 28, the 50th anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King’s wonderful speech on the Mall in Washington, where millions showed up, and I am surprised that The Gazette did not put that in the front section. It was a speech that changed our country. Shame on you for not really recalling that speech.

On joblessness: The reason the unemployment rate is being below 8 percent is because millions of Americans have been removed from the equation. Go back to the same number of people in the job force when Obama became president and unemployment is 11 percent. If you add people working part time who want to work full time, it’s over 14 percent.

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