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Friday, August 30, 2013


On Freitag as new city manager: I hope it works out for Janesville, even though I was hoping Mr. (Jay) Winzenz was offered the position. Hopefully, Janesville is ready for some changes.


-- I have a little more faith in our city council because of this decision. I thought they would have picked the same old same old career city manager.


-- Yikes! The military is not Janesville. Did the council look at the package and not what's inside the package? You don't just learn how to run a city. That's why there are public administration graduates, and actually some with experience. A dangerous experiment.

--badger man

-- Those who “fear” change … never grow and improve.


On man who shot dogs won't face charges: “The dogs' owners have spent weeks pushing for authorities to bring criminal charges against their neighbor…” Has anyone pushed to have the dog owners ticketed for failure to maintain control of their dogs (on multiple occasions)?

--Joe From Wisconsin

-- Talking to irresponsible dog owners does no good. At one place I lived a dog was barking constantly. Really, just barking at the air. I tried calling them, but they did not answer the phone, even one night when they left the dog outside after going to bed.


-- This is a good and fair decision.


-- It is a shame this had to happen for everyone involved, including the dogs. However, people who make a decision to have these breeds of dogs need to be more educated about what they are capable of and to realize that they now come with a stigma, like it or not.


On Janesville-to-China trips: We need full disclosure here. Why are we doing this? Don't we have enough problems here, let alone committing our teachers and money to this? I hope this whole thing is shut down. … Should not something like this be done with the OK of the voters/taxpayers? I have not talked to one person in this city that wants this program.


-- Hasn't Schulte heard about Teleconferencing? There are plenty of improvements that could be made to the current Janesville school system. It is showing her lack of concern for Janesville parents/children, to be traveling to China (for the fourth time), considering the salary she is paid and the work here that needs to be done.


-- I want to go to China. Would it be more expedient to go to a travel agent or apply for a job at the Janesville School District? I could be the double-secret liaison to the Globetrotting Administrators!

--badger man


To Janice Peterson: I have a tree to replace, and I appreciate the links, Janice! I may go with a fruit tree. They pay for their keep with a brief window of luscious blossom and food for a neighborhood of birds and such.

--New User

-- If you're going to get a ginko, be sure the nursery “guarantees” it's a male, and then save your receipt. Obviously you won't be getting a seedling, and the more mature plants are more expensive. Remember that Bradford Pears aren't the largest of tree. … You might consider a fruiting tree, like cherry, apple or northern peach. You can get them as dwarf, semi-dwarf or standard.


To Greg Peck: I don't think Janesville is lacking a business, but the placement of businesses could be better. Residents on the south side are a Walmart/Target/Shopko/KMart away from going to the east side of town for routine shopping.

--Nick Danger

-- A Costco would be nice, and they pay their employees real well and treat them right.

--New User

-- I'd say Janesville is pretty lucky. Businesses have recognized a need—note the Family Dollar, Dollar General, etc., that have popped up on the south and west sides, along with grocery stores that seem to be thriving there. Might seem like “too many,” but bet it's nice not to drive across town for a quick purchase.


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