Sound Off for Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On city manager pick: Mark Freitag, being an Army colonel, had endless government funds to work with, not like Janesville with a budget funded by citizens. Watch out, taxpayers of Janesville. We had a very capable acting city manager.

-- The city council has finally gotten it right. Being a prior service member, I believe that in the future we'll see some great action. I congratulate the council on choosing Col. Freitag as the new city manager. I think he will contribute a great deal to Janesville.

-- I can't believe the council chose the least-qualified candidate. I thank Col. Freitag for his service to the country. However, he has no experience in municipal government. Let him get his feet wet somewhere else. I hope his compensation is commensurate with his lack of experience.

On dilapidated property: Going past the property at 173 S. Jackson St. numerous times, I have seen zero progress in trying to make that facility look nicer. I feel sorry for the Fourth Ward as they have tried numerous times to make that lot look very, very nice. Could the city please inform the citizens of any due date or what is being done?

On public improvements: Instead of landscaping near City Hall, why not fix up the yard in front of the library?

On racial equality: The story on Page 6B Friday says “Fewer than half see progress made in the last 50 years.” This poll shows how ignorant 50 percent of the people are. Do they really think there would have been a black man in the White House 50 years ago? We have not achieved a free racial harmony. Of course, leaps and bounds have been made in the last 50 years.

On Janesville: Friday's front-page article, “Meet & greet,” reminds readers about positive things we have in Janesville. We tend to take them for granted and don't appreciate what we have. Complainers will always find fault with life, no matter where they live. Look on the sunny side.

On errors: Regarding Page 4A Thursday, “Gobbling goats make short work of problem fauna,” please hire a proofreader who is educated. The goats weren't eating fauna; fauna are critters, animals, bugs, livestock. Flora is plants, vegetation.

-- On the front page Saturday, “Field still stands at five,” where was the picture of Ryan McCue instead of Cole O'Donnell? Not too current.

On bats: I know there are bats in Roosevelt Elementary School. As a parent, I am scared to death to send my child there. I wish Superintendent Karen Schulte would spend more time taking care of these kinds of problems instead of her trips to China.

-- I cannot figure out why they haven't done something about the bats at Roosevelt. This has been going on for years. Wish someone would investigate this before someone gets bitten.

On dove hunt: On Ted Peck's column on Outdoors in Sunday's paper, I want to congratulate him for warning the hundreds of dove hunters who will probably be on that one little field and the dogs, but I doubt if the dogs will read it.

On immigration reform: Seventy-five people show up at Riverside Park (Page 2A Monday). I can get more than 75 if I set out a half barrel of beer. The truth is that this is not a big issue, even among Hispanics. It's only a big issue among the Democrats, who know they can get people to come here and vote for the party of handouts, the Democratic Party.

On Obamacare: It is a giant wet blanket on the economy. Businesses are refusing to hire full-time employees to avoid the mandate. The government always believes it can force businesses to do what it wants. Get used to 15 percent unemployment being the norm and the people who are working being part-time employees because that's the result of this.

On school district: To Hans Von Allmen, who wrote the letter in Monday's Gazette (Page 4A), the Janesville School District knows how to pull off whatever it wants. I hope The Gazette pursues this story about rehiring Joe Dye and also the possible cheating at Franklin Middle School. There is much more to these stories.

On heroin: Regarding Monday's front-page article about heroin, what good does it do to do anything when you go back and read that people who get arrested for dealing heroin get all charges dropped? Or they get a year in the county jail, probably on Huber or the bracelet, so they can go home and do the same thing again. Something is wrong here.

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