Sound Off for Sunday, Aug. 25, 2013

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

On Medicaid: Monday's front page about recipients having to pay back Medicaid debts made me very happy. Because people are either wealthy or savvy, they can get out of paying their bills by trusts, etc. Just because something is legal does not mean it's ethical or right. I am a senior widow and used to work in a nursing home, and I saw how these trusts work.

 On governor: I find it hard to believe Scott Walker doesn't know what's going on in his governorship. It follows his knowledge of what was happening when he was in Milwaukee County. Walker has one agenda, and it's not what's good for Wisconsin. It's to better his political career and standing within the GOP. Wouldn't it be nice for once if we had honesty?

-- I was watching Fox News on Tuesday, and Gov. Walker was sitting on the couch in the newsroom. That couch is usually reserved for high-profile people throughout the country, and Walker certainly fits that category. Wisconsin people should be extremely proud of the record Walker has and how prominent he has become in the United States.

-- Walker wants to take 92,000 people off Medicaid, yet he can create two fake jobs and even raises for guys that weren't even working those jobs. It seems every time we turn around, he's doing something to take away from the middle class and poor. Why doesn't he just move in the mansion with all of his Republicans?

On goose poop: On Aug. 19, we drove through Monterey Park. The bike trail is a complete mess of goose droppings. I would not walk or take my bike down there.

On Oklahoma shooting: Three teens shot a white jogger. They had no idea who he was but reportedly shot him because they were bored. I doubt you will hear anything from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Barack Obama about this incident.

-- We have here three blacks shooting a white, but we didn't read anything about it in the article on Page 7B Wednesday; they forgot to mention that. Why do they feel it so necessary to racialize the Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case and then ignore race in this case? Can you say hypocrisy?

On test erasures: Franklin Middle School officials say they encourage kids to make best guesses and then go back if they finish the test. Why doesn't The Gazette investigate to see if the tests that had the erasures were all completed? If they were, that collaborates the theory; if not, then maybe there was cheating.

On retiree Joe Dye returning: A lot of college students who just graduated with their degree are well qualified to teach mathematics at the high school level. Those teachers should be given a chance to start their careers and start to raise their families.

On speed limit: One thing pointed out in Wednesday's article (Page 1A) is that people are already going over 65, so why not just raise it? Well, if people are going 75 or 80 with a 65 limit, then how fast are they going to go when you raise the limit? They are just going to go 15 or so miles over that limit. We have to think long and hard about this.

On Obamacare: Google a man named Clint Murphy. This Republican did not support Obamacare. He worked on John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign and came down with cancer. The insurance company called the cancer a preexisting condition and would not cover chemotherapy. Now Murphy is for Obamacare, which will cover his lifesaving chemo.

-- The University of Virginia just disclosed that due to Obamacare their health costs are going up $7.3 million. I thought this was the Affordable Health Care Act. We were told they had to do it in order to bring down costs. Only people in government would believe that forcing people to have more coverage than they want or need could somehow reduce costs.

On drugging kids: After my grandson started kindergarten, we were told he had to be drugged so he could sit still and learn. My son took three days off work and sat in class with him, and he behaved impeccably because he was afraid that if he did not he would get spanked. At what point did it become immoral to spank a child yet acceptable to drug them?

On vouchers: A Sound Off caller Aug. 21 complains about vouchers given to children who attend religious schools. This is nothing to complain about; all it does is even the score. In past years, people have paid to have their children go to religious schools as well as paying taxes for children going to public schools. This only gives a little equality.

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