Your Views: Can cooler heads pull our nation together?

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Monday, August 19, 2013

In the town of Ismailia in Egypt, a man was shot while standing before military tanks. Apparently, he was pleading for restraint. Now he may have been a Morsi follower and a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, and as such, I cannot support his cause. Yet, as a human being merely pleading for the shooting to stop, his shooting was unjustified.

Yet as I watched this on the news, I felt as though I were seeing America's future. I say future because I believe something similar is possible here, for what happened in Egypt shows what can happen during any clash between extremists.

Extremism and polarization in America are rampant and threaten to tear our nation apart. I have little hope that the extreme left and right will ever come together. In fact, I fear still greater polarization is in our future.

What can prevent this from happening? Perhaps nothing. Not unless enough Americans dare to stand up to the radicals of both sides and cry “enough!” It's time for cooler heads. It's time for those in the middle to be heard. But are there cooler heads in this nation? Are there any left?

If so, I would add my plea for restraint and ask that we pull the two extremes together before they pull our nation apart.



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