Sound Off for Sunday, Aug. 18, 2013

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

On grandparenting: Scott Angus' column on the joy of being a grandparent (Page 6A Aug. 11) really hit home. Being great-grandparents is even more exciting. When we were allowed to care for two grandsons and more recently a great-grandson, they were the happiest times in my memory, except more sad when we don't get to see much of them.

On Elkhorn utility: Electricity went out in half of Elkhorn again. Like I said last time, you need to find an electrician, or maybe they should call Generac.

On Act 10: Monday's front-page article stating that state schools are firing more teachers after Act 10 didn't offer any numbers to support that claim. Nonetheless, I have many wonderful teachers. But I also have one incompetent teacher with a bad attitude. I wish the school district would have been allowed to fire him prior to Act 10.

On DNR stewardship land: If the DNR wants to buy land to set aside for hunting, fishing, hiking and other recreation, I have no problem with it. But to buy land with taxpayer money and say no one can go on it, I'm sorry, but if the Sierra Club and other lefty groups want to set land aside for no one to use, they should spend their own money.

On parking: I pulled into a business place the other day and could not park because a car was parked sideways. It took up three stalls. The license on the car was a handicap, but that person had no right to park like that.

On teacher settlement: I'm just trying to get this straight. I supposedly go to my job drunk and medicated, a job that involves children, but even if it didn't that still would be bad. I leave my job, and my employer pays me $18,000. Wow, Janesville, I'm more embarrassed all the time to call you my hometown.

-- Pathetic. Because they're teachers makes them no better than any other employee on any other job.

-- While I'm not surprised at the outcome, what kind of message is this sending? She receives a settlement and more than likely will receive unemployment and after five years can seek employment with the district? Wow, let's all raise our glasses and toast everyone for a job well done.

-- It seems the settlement to get a teacher reportedly drunk on the job to resign because the district might lose its case to fire her contradicts the state union's claim in Monday's Gazette that more teachers are getting fired because of Act 10.

-- I was wondering if that money will go for care of the disease she has. Otherwise, I don't know why they would offer such a payoff.

-- It's pretty sad; she should have gotten five years in jail instead of $18,000. It doesn't pay for other teachers to set a good example.

-- What a country this is. I'm a retired teacher, and I want to know what kind of example Maria Caya sets for these children, what a role model she is. She should be in jail. She gets $18,000. That's despicable.

On double-dipping teacher: I hope Joe Dye knows that double dipping (Page 1A, Wednesday) will disqualify him from the Obama food-stamp program.

-- Don't hire someone who needs a job; give the job to people who never seem to have enough. People should stay retired and help those who need work get a job.

-- Christmas came in August for Dye. Dye wasn't interested in working for less. It seems that for such an honorable, distinguished, wonderfully high performer, he'd do the right thing for the district. It appears not. Did the district do an extensive search?

-- Dye is a highly qualified, experienced teacher who deserves to be rehired. Where's the outrage about Joe Knilans being awarded an $83,000 plum state job for which he has almost no experience? Dye worked 33 years to reach his salary level, while Knilans spent one term in the Assembly before being defeated. Cronyism pays better than hard work and experience.

-- When a person spends 33 years at a job and then retires and takes his pension, that's fine. But to hire back at the same job for the same salary while he gets the pension for that job is not only double dipping but fraud on taxpayers. Shame on the school board. and shame on Dye.

On teacher deals: Regarding Wednesday's story on double dipping and Tuesday's on the teacher accused of being intoxicated, I don't think the school system really cares what taxpayers say anymore. They just will do what they want to do and hand out money like they've always done. It's not fair to senior citizens and taxpayers.

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