Police to dedicate mission statement at ceremony Monday

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Nico Savidge
Sunday, August 18, 2013

JANESVILLE—Pride, honor, courage and respect: That's what Janesville Police Chief David Moore says is his department's “promise to the community.”

Janesville police will formally dedicate statements of their mission, values and vision at a ceremony Monday afternoon on the steps of the department headquarters.

The new mission statement declares the department is, “dedicated to fostering a spirit of cooperation and mutual trust within the community, and is committed to finding new ways to create an atmosphere of safety.”

Its ultimate goal is “to promote an improved standard of living in the city of Janesville.”

That might seem like a symbolic gesture, but in a wide-ranging field like policing, Moore said, it's important to define what people should expect from law enforcement.

“What the mission statement and values tends to do is to connect all of those services and … assures that we provide for the community as we should,” he said.

Police have long had mission statements and guiding principles, Moore said, but this time the department decided to involve community members and organizations in drafting an update to those values.

Organizations included government agencies such as the Janesville School District and the Rock County District Attorney's Office, as well as local groups such as Forward Janesville and the United Way, Moore said.

Officers and representatives from the groups spent three days crafting a mission statement, vision statement and list of guiding principles. It was an opportunity for the groups to tell police what they expect out of the department, he said.

“The process ends up being as important as the end product,” Moore said.

Monday's ceremony begins at 3 p.m. and will also see police add the names of eight long-time civilian employees to its “Honor Roll Retirement Plaque,” normally reserved for officers. Each employee served at least 20 years with the department.

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