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Friday, August 16, 2013


On city manager candidates: It would be a disservice to Mr. Winzenz for the council to have just offered him the position. At the first controversial decision he might make, many might claim the council took the easy and cheap route in hiring Mr. Winzenz. His position is measurably strengthened if he succeeds and is offered the job.

—New User

-- I really like the idea of the military guy. I don't think the city is headed in the right direction. Like why are we building a new bus garage when the roads need to be repaired? We need someone who will take care of our necessities first and our wants secondary. My guess is we will be hit with a new tax in the spring to fix our roads because we are spending money on stuff that can wait.


-- William J. Malinen and Cole S. O'Donnell are looking for “career opportunities.” I would prefer someone who wants Janesville to be their home. IMO, these two are not good candidates.

—Pat McLean

On report tells of students restrained, secluded: We see this type of behavior every day in Madison, and somehow it is acceptable. Some of the protesters have brought children to protests. How can you expect the young people to behave and follow the rules, when the “adults” are behaving inappropriately?


-- Yes, these children have every right to be given an education, but there comes a time when a line is crossed. … I definitely lean toward some type of tax credit for the parents of these children and putting the responsibility back on them for their education. … “Mainstreaming” in our school system is not the answer IMO.


On retired teacher gets rehired: This job was set up so only Mr. Dye was most qualified. The administration set this up and waited 30 days so Mr. Dye could apply. It's not squarely on the back of the board, only the four who voted for his hiring. Remember who they were come next election.

—New User

-- How is it shame on Dye? He applied, and they hired him. And this is not double dipping. The money is coming from two different budgets. The same (approximate) money would be going out the door regardless of hiring Dye or someone else. He earned the retirement money, and he will earn the salary for working. This happens all the time in all industries.

—Joseph Presti

-- Another example of sour grapes: “I can't do that, so he shouldn't be able to either.” The bottom line is, he is a working stiff who has a chance to make some more money. Why that bothers the rest of the prols is beyond me.

—Tom Alisankus

-- There are a lot of double dippers out there. This happened to get in the newspaper because it was a teacher. Private industry is constantly rehiring retirees for their knowledge. Most at reduced hours for the same job, and they collect pension/retirement benefits. What is all the uproar about? I think the sour grapes comment is dead on.



To Janice Peterson: Hooray! Janice Peterson has started her blog (Green Side Up)! Janice: I've got lots of green tomatoes, but they don't seem to be ripening. Also, I've had great luck with the new, “grafted” tomato plants that are supposed to be more disease resistant.

—Cathy Idzerda, Gazette reporter

-- I've had peppers and broccoli from my small garden so far this year. Waiting for the tomatoes.

—John Rockenfield

-- Any suggestions for companion plants to grow along the house to repel earwigs?

—New User

-- Tomatoes aren't ripening up very quickly. We are below average for degree days this year (degree days is how much accumulated heat we've gotten this season). I just hope we don't get early frost or we'll be wrapping green tomatoes in newspaper and storing them in our attics! I'll be curious how hot the hot peppers are this year.
Peppers need lots of heat to get that really spicy hotness! Let me know, LHaenel.

—New User

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