Sound Off for Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

On mining risks: I am from the northern Minnesota taconite mine area and lived there many years. A lot of the workers got Mesothelioma, along with anyone who worked in that area and breathed the dust in the air.

On Obamacare: Kathleen Sebelius got on TV and had the audacity to say health care premiums will not rise because of the plan they’re shoving into Americans’ faces. I’d like to have her read the letter I got claiming there will be a 20 percent increase in my premiums starting in October.

On Delavan schools: I’m glad to see Delavan-Darien School District reporting progress, at least on paper (June 20 Gazette). More advancement would occur with less micromanagement from the superintendent’s office and more input from principals, parents and teachers as decided upon in the strategic plan. This might also reduce staff turnover.

On abortion: Wednesday’s Gazette reported about technicians to help doctors be admitted to hospitals. I notice they’re called abortion doctors. We refer to children’s doctors as pediatricians, operating doctors are surgeons, heart doctors are cardiologists, so why are abortionists always referred to as abortion doctors? Call them what they are—abortionists.

-- In response to a letter Wednesday, in the United States there are over 120,000 abortions while another 400,000 children are without permanent families. Let me get this straight. Republicans’ so-called pro-lifers cut health and food programs for the poor, restrict abortion and cut monies for contraception. Sounds pro-birth, not pro-life.

-- In Wednesday’s Sound Off, someone was astounded about a driver hitting a fawn and taking off. I agree. They shouldn’t have driven off, but the caller ends by saying God is a good God but also a God of wrath over a fawn. What do you think he is going to do over America having legalized killing of unborn babies?

On deer crash: I wrote to the paper about the deer. My husband came home from work and found the doe and fawn in the yard. The person that hit the fawn didn’t call police nor stop. Thank goodness my husband saw them in the yard and called police, and they came to help the doe and fawn. Get your facts right before you comment (Sound Off, Wednesday).

 On outside influence: Bill Lueders writes that Scott Walker is receiving money from out of state. He failed to mention that busloads of union workers came from out of state to protest against Walker and that union money poured in from all over the country to try to get Walker recalled. It’s the same thing.

On president: I see Jay Leno had Obama on his late night show. That is a comedy show, so Obama fit in pretty well.

On Guest Views: Do readers realize your guest editorial Aug. 7 titled “Wisconsin offering model for other states” was from the Washington Times, founded by Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church? Ripping unions for causing the problem is way out of bounds. Greedy Wall Street mortgage brokers, not hardworking unions, caused our recession.

On humane society: I read the article about the Rock County Humane Society opening a new adoption center (Page 3A, Wednesday). The article said every adoptable pet goes home, no matter how long it takes. I hope this new director has things more organized than a few years ago. I hope his statement is true; it would be fantastic.

On sports coverage: In regard to Wednesday’s Sound Off, people who aren’t fans of the Packers and Brewers need to subscribe to either the Chicago Tribune or USA Today.

-- We would like to see a lot more news in sports about Indy racing and Formula One. I realize the Brewers and Packers are the big things, but there are two huge racing events out there in addition to NASCAR—Indy and Formula One.

On news photos: I was disturbed to learn SWAT team members showed a 6-year-old how to aim a gun and emergency responders demonstrated how they handle unruly people at the law enforcement National Night Out. Shame on the Rock County Sheriff’s Office for including such demonstrations in a program for little kids. Shame on The Gazette for photo coverage.

-- Tobacco leaves on the front page (Aug. 2), now a 6-year-old girl shooting a paint gun (Aug. 7). I’m surprised the 4-year-old boy wasn’t driving a fire truck. What are you guys smoking at The Gazette?

On dog shooting: That man had a right to shoot those dogs, especially pit bulls. They were loose, and he felt threatened. I would have done the same thing.


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