Republican policies are helping state

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia released its June leading economic indexes for states. Their data suggest Wisconsin will have the second strongest economic growth of any state in the nation over the next six months; first in the Midwest; and exceeding the national growth.

While job creation across the country is stagnant, this ranking is another sign that Gov. Walker and Republican policies are improving the business climate in the state. The unemployment rate dropped to 6.8 percent.

The Reserve Bank’s ranking follows news that the private-sector job gains under Walker are the best two-year gains under any governor in over a decade. Wisconsin’s seasonally adjusted total nonfarm job gain from May to June shows an initial increase of 17,500, which is the largest month-to-month gain since April 1992. Wisconsin’s seasonally adjusted private job gain from May to June shows an initial increase of 13,800, which is the largest month-to-month gain since September 2003. The huge unemployment problem under Democrats is being reversed.

CNBC ranked Wisconsin fifth in “Top US States for New Manufacturing Jobs.” Ninety four percent of Wisconsin job creators believe the state is “going in the right direction,” up from just 10 percent under Gov. Doyle.

Wisconsin’s initial unemployment insurance claims are at prerecession levels. Wisconsin’s percent change in average weekly wage in the fourth quarter of 2012 was 12th in the nation; trailing only Minnesota in the Midwest.

Republicans are moving Wisconsin in the right direction.



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